Here's What Chris Hemsworth Had To Say About His 11-Year-Old Daughter India Pursuing Acting Following Her Role In "Thor: Love And Thunder"

    "That was originally supposed to be just a super quick little moment in the film."

    Chris Hemsworth isn't ready for his daughter India to be in the spotlight — even if she did totally nail her role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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    Last year, the 11-year-old got the chance to show off her acting chops in the Marvel film when she took on the role of a young Asgardian.

    Looking back, Chris says her role was actually supposed to be a lot smaller.

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    "You know, that was originally supposed to be just a super quick little moment in the film, and then the character expanded due to the story changing," Chris told ET Online.

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    He continued, "I said, 'Oh, do you want to do some dialog in the film?' And she's like, 'Yeah, cool!' And she was a pro and loved it."

    But even though the little girl loved it, Chris says he wants her to prioritize being a kid — and not being an actor.

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    "I want her to have a childhood," he shared, "and I think so does she."

    He added, "I said, 'There's plenty of time, sweety. Go to school, horse ride, have fun, be a kid.' Because once the train moves, it's pretty hard to get off, and you miss a lot of things."

    As for her acting career when she gets a little bit older, Chris says, "If she's keen to do more things," then he's all about it.

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    It sounds like we might be seeing India on the big screen someday in the future!

    You can read all that Chris had to say here.