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    Busy Phillips Opened Up About Her Child Birdie's Pronouns And Honestly, She Couldn't Be More Supportive

    "You don't get to have jurisdiction over anyone else's body."

    Busy Philipps continues to be the most supportive parent to her eldest child, Birdie, on their journey with sexuality and identity.

    Last year, Busy revealed that Birdie, 12, had come out as gay and prefers the they/them pronouns.

    And although Busy admitted she sometimes messes up with the pronouns, she is "trying [her] best" as she supports Birdie.

    In a new interview with Health, Busy clarified that Birdie identifies as "femme-presenting non-binary" and opened up about her experience parenting a non-binary child.

    "My mom is older and wants to understand the pronoun conversation more...I said to my mother, 'Here's the deal: You don't have to understand it,'" Busy explained.

    She continued, "That's how I feel about all human rights β€” you don't have to understand it. You can choose to believe what you want, but you don't get to have jurisdiction over anyone else's body or belief system."

    As for how Busy teaches Birdie and her youngest child, Cricket, about wellness, she says it's all about "leading by example."

    She added, "We talk about therapy in our house and never shy away from hard conversations. I've always been open β€” but not in that 'I'm not a regular mom; I'm a cool mom' way."

    Busy also noted that she doesn't want to be her children's "best friend" and instead wants "them to know by watching me what my values are and the things that are important."

    Honestly, it seems like Busy is doing an excellent job leading the way for Birdie and Cricket!

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