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    Kevin From "The Office" Wouldn't Be An Actor If Not For A Childhood Surgery That Left Him In A Wheelchair

    "I needed to find something else."

    It's hard to picture anyone but Brian Baumgartner as The Office's beloved accountant Kevin.

    Kevin sits at his desk in a photo from The Office

    But it turns out that Brian almost wasn't an actor!

    Brian wears a grey suit at a film festival

    During an appearance on Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files, he revealed that he originally aspired to be a professional baseball player, but when a surgery went awry, he had to look at other options.

    "If I had an early dream, it was that I was going to be a professional baseball player — all sports really, but baseball was really it for me — but my bone was twisted in my leg from foot was slightly rotated from my knee," Brian explained.

    Brian laughs while out on a golf course

    He continued, "It wasn't dramatic; it was something that I could have lived with, but if you want to be a professional baseball player, no, you need everything aligned and to be able to run fast."

    As a teenager, Brian opted to get it fixed with surgery, but unfortunately "something went wrong" during the procedure.

    "So they cut the cast off, and it had burned through my Achilles tendon at the back of my leg. So now an elective surgery to try to solve a situation created a situation where I had to learn to walk again. There was skin grafts...I was in a wheelchair; I had a walker," Brian revealed.

    Brian appears at an event in a grey striped suit

    Brian, who had been an active kid, said he was "forced" to find something else to occupy his time and ended up disocvering his love for theater.

    From there, Brian was eventually able to turn his new passion into a career when he landed his role on The Office!

    Kevin holds a box of chocolate next to his co-workers on The Office

    Hear all that Brian had to say below.

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