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    Bella Hadid Wants To Thank The Photographer Who Helped Her When She Fell Off A Runway And It's So Wholesome

    "Can someone find me this man?"

    Bella Hadid usually makes walking the runway look like NBD, but everyone (even supermodels) has an off day every once in a while.

    Bella walks a runway in a shimmering blue gown with a keyhole cutout, halter neck and sheer cape
    Stephane De Sakutin / Getty Images

    That's exactly what happened to Bella when she had a minor mishap on the runway during New York Fashion Week back in 2016.

    A closeup of Bella from backstage at the Michael Kors show
    Antonello Trio / WireImage

    Things started off on a high note as she strutted her stuff during the Michael Kors show, wearing an embellished knee-length dress and some major platform heels.

    But everything took a turn when Bella took a tumble down to the concrete runway, right in front of a group of photographers.

    Bella walks in the Kors show in a black sequined long sleeve dress cinched with a black belt
    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    Bella, moments before the fall.

    Thankfully, Bella wasn't hurt and was able to get back up and finish the show — and can even look back on it and laugh.

    Complex / Giphy / Via

    "Guys I'm a professional break dancer now I forgot to tell u," Bella tweeted at the time, which has since been deleted.

    And now, over four years later, Bella wants to thank the photographer who reached out a hand to help her after the fall...and happened to be the only one to do so.

    Bella falls to her knees in front of a row of photographers, one who is reaching out his hand
    @bellahadid / Via Instagram: @bellahadid

    "Can someone find me this man. God bless his soul, I want to thank him personally for being the only one to offer a hand in a time of need," Bella wrote on her Instagram story, adding a crown to the man's head.

    A screenshot of the photo from Bella's Instagram story
    @bellahadid / Via Instagram: @bellahadid

    Everyone else is out there trying to get the money shot.

    While the identity of the mystery photographer is still unknown, one thing's for sure: Small acts of kindness leave a big impression. And Bella Hadid may try to hit you up to thank you many years later.

    And if you have any information about the identity of this man, please contact @bellahadid.

    A closeup of the photographer
    @bellahadid / Via Instagram: @bellahadid

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