Here's Why Ashley Tisdale Says She Never Found Zac Efron "Hot"

    Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron starred in all three High School Musical movies together.

    Zac Efron may have been on the cover of every teen magazine around in 2007 — but his heartthrob status was NBD to Ashley Tisdale.

    A closeup of Zac and Ashley

    In fact, Ashley, 37, says she literally "never thought" Zac, 35, was hot while they were filming High School Musical together.

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    Ashley spilled on the exact details of her relationship with Zac during a recent appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

    A closeup of Zac and Ashley

    "It's because I was friends with him before the movie. He was way younger than me," she explained. "He was like a brother, too."

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    Ashley admits there was only one moment she thought Zac looked "hot" — and it's pretty understandable.

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    "I think the one time where I was like, 'Oh, OK. Shit. Yeah, he looks hot,' was the Rolling Stone cover," Ashley shared, referring to Zac's spread from 2007.

    A closeup of Zac and Ashley

    She continued, "I think I just knew him too well and had been best friends with him for so long that it’s like your brother that you’re hanging out with."

    A closeup of Zac and Ashley

    This isn't the first time Ashley has admitted that she only saw Zac as a brother, though. She previously shared that because of their longtime friendship, he was her worst on-screen kiss ever.

    A closeup of Zac and Ashley

    "I had to kiss Zac Efron on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and it's the worst because I am so close to him and he's like my brother," she said during Elle magazine's "Thirst Trap" series.

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    She added, "It's just weird when you're so close to somebody, and we'd already done the movie, I'd known him for years before. That is why it was the worst. It's just we're too close."

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    And while their tight-knit relationship has been strictly friendly, it's nice to know they're still close to this day!

    You can hear all that Ashley had to say on the podcast here.