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    Adele Says She Had No Idea What To Do The First Time She Got Pulled Over In America

    "I was ready to go to jail. She saved the day really."

    Adele once used her fame to get out of a traffic ticket...but it was totally by accident!

    Adele smiles while talking on stage
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    The "Easy on Me" singer recounted the incident during her ITV concert special, An Audience with Adele, when she was asked by Samuel L. Jackson if she had ever used her celebrity to get out of a "precarious situation."

    Adele immediately recalled the traffic incident that occurred on one of Los Angeles' largest freeways right after she had moved to the city.

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    "When I first moved to LA....I'd never really driven there, and I was in the fast lane, in the far left lane, not going that fast there was quite a lot of traffic, and I was in a rental and the windows were tinted a bit too dark but I didn't know that," Adele explained.

    She continued, "Anyway, I was minding my own business and then suddenly a police car pulls up behind me and is basically hinting that I need to pull over so I just stopped where I was — I'd never been pulled over in my life."

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    Adele was in for a rude awakening when the police officer began to yell at her with his megaphone, telling her that she needed to pull off the freeway.

    "He pulls me over, I wind all my windows down as I've been taught to do before, especially if you get pulled over in America you never know what they're going to do. I handed him my British driver's license," Adele shared.

    She admitted that her license "might as well have been like a Blockbuster card" because the photo was from when she was a teenager.

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    The officer returned to his car and while things may not have been looking well for Adele, she unknowingly had an ally in the police officer's wife.

    "He goes back to the car and comes back and he's on the phone with his wife, screaming at him on the phone for pulling me over. He's like, 'I'm so sorry Adele, sorry, do whatever you need to do,'" she revealed.

    Adele smiles while attending an event
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    Adele continued, "It was hilarious, but yes, so I did, kind of [use my fame]. I didn't mean to! I was ready to go to jail. She saved the day really."

    Adele smiles while talking on stage
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