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16 Ways To Die In A Telenovela

Because it is not enough to just shoot your enemy to death. You have to be a little (a LOT) extra dramatic.

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1. Let's start with a shot.

Which is not going to be plain simple, but the person who got shot will dramatically react to the shot taking a few seconds to actually fall and realize that a shot hurts more than he or she thought.

2. Suffocation is a very common death in telenovelas.

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It is always the finish line for someone who is in his or her deathbed, and the weapon........ a PILLOW!

3. Someone takes away your medicine...

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Especially, if you are a rich old lady about to die.

4. This villain was eaten by wolves...

Alex E. Álvarez / Via

EATEN BY WOLVES........ Can there be something more dramatic?

5. A sword fight...

Alex E. Álvarez / Via

Yeah, are we in the 16th century? No, this is a telenovela.

6. Those who sin will burn in hell...

Alex E. Álvarez / Via

The most common death of telenovela villains is to get burned like a roasted pork.

7. Another payback to the villain; this time, eaten by a crocodile...

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This villain might have needed some advise from Steve Irwin to swim with the crocodiles and not get devoured by them.

8. Someone gets thrown down the stairs and rolls to death...

Alex E. Álvarez

...and it will most likely be a pregnant woman or an old lady.

9. A car crash is key...

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In most cases, the driver suffers a heart attack after being poisoned by his malevolent wife, who wants all his money.

10. Don't forget that the good guy is run by a car all the time...

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However, in many cases, the victim doesn't die and ends up in a hospital bed, but in this case, we are going to think he did.

11. Another way of suffocating your enemy... Scrag her!

Alex E. Álvarez / Via

Yes, this is very dramatic because it seems kind of impossible to actually kill someone with this technique using one hand.

12. Poison!

Alex E. Álvarez / Via

We couldn't forget a death after being poisoned by the bad witch of the show...

13. Fall from heights....

Alex E. Álvarez / Via

Yes, just from walking the glass cracked, and she fell to death...

14. After saving a woman, a man gets shot...

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I always wonder, why don't they jump along? No need for the man to be shot.

15. Electrocution in a tub...

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Just drop the blower to kill your enemy while she is relaxing in the tub.

16. And if you're a doctor, why not use a needle?

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Put any dangerous substance in your enemies neck, and then when people arrive, act as if you were trying to help.

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