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Why Do Fans Like Getting Athletes Used Gear?!

Maybe I'm just a germophobe...

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Why is this supposed to be a nice gesture?

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Vince Carter gives a fan from France his sweatband.

Give me an autograph...

This phenomenon has been a staple between fans and athletes for years. I don't quite understand the appeal from the fan stand point. If I was a player and was sweating my ass off during a sports competition, I would be laughing at the thought of giving any article of clothing off my body to someone. I would be creeped out even. I can see, and smell some of the clothing I wear after a day at work and it is not pretty. I can't imagine what those uniforms and bands smell like after competing at the level they do and I'm only a comedian working as a waiter. Big surprise right?

Can we take a picture...

I'm sorry but the idea of being a fan that would want anything from an athlete, their gear is the last thing I would request. That's like being a butcher, touching and cutting raw meat all day, then giving your rubber gloves to a customer. It's just gross. I understand getting a baseball bat or a game used ball, but I don't need an article of clothing that has been worn by a man or woman sweating profusely for 2 hours. I can't even buy clothes at a thrift store because it grosses me out so this is the ultimate gross out. If you refuse to take a picture with me, we'll leave it at that. No hard feelings, just don't leave me with a sweaty parting gift. I can't help but imagine people bringing the clothing back home and smelling it with passion as if it's their crush...

Shoes may be the worst.

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Bubba's an athlete too! He should know better!

No thanks, I'm fine with my own shoes.

Everyone has a friend who when they take their shoes off, the stench penetrates your nostrils immediately. If you're thinking, "Hmm I don't think I have that friend," I'm sorry to tell you but you are that friend. By your friend having smelly ass feet like that, we can only imagine how athletes shoes smell. Like how many times did they wear them? One of the best parts about getting new shoes is that new shoe smell and that's thrown out the window when it comes from a professional athlete. And lets be honest, there's no chance in hell you're fitting into the shoe anyway.

Maybe I'm just a weirdo...

Let me know if you feel the same way as I do or if I'm just a complete idiot. I know what I think doesn't matter at all but maybe there are other weirdos out there who share my same values in athletes giving away gear.

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