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11 Minor Annoyances Of Modern Life That Are Actually Tearing Us Apart

Life’s hard. Get the Sonos One, a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built in.

1. Having to go INTO a store to buy something.

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Like, you don't even have pants on right now. Going into a store requires putting on pants, and putting on pants requires SO MUCH EFFORT. One leg at a time? And then socks? And SHOES too?! UGH. Alexa, order sweatpants.

2. Trying to return clothes you bought online.

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"This dress I ordered is nice, but it would barely fit a baby. And I don't know any babies. Is it weird to give a stranger baby clothes?"

3. Having someone disagree with you on social media.

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America's pastime: getting mad online.

4. When the social media algorithm thinks you care about your high school acquaintance's new baby...

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...and the baby looks like a squished prune, but it's all you can see in your timeline for weeks on end!!!!!!!!!

5. Wanting to order food but not feeling like calling in an order or opening an app.

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DIAL the buttons to call in an order? PRESS a few buttons to open an app? You might as well be cooking the entire meal from scratch. You can reorder your favorite meals from Grubhub and Amazon Restaurants for Amazon Alexa.

6. Going to tap a link on a webpage, only for an ad to load and shifting the page down so you tap something else.

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7. Seeing way too many people waiting in line for something you're actually interested in.

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It's good, but is it "wait for it" good? No, no it's not. Nothing is. First off, you have to STAND. Second off, that's enough of a nuisance.

8. Missing out on news because you were still processing the old news from five minutes ago.

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It's impossible to keep up with current events these days, but having Alexa read you the news can help. Need even more help getting started in the morning? By saying, "Alexa, start my day," you can let Alexa take the reins of your morning routine by making coffee and giving you a traffic report along with the news.

9. Not being able to take your smartphone into the shower.

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With Alexa, you can stay up to date with your calendar, add things to your to-do list, check the weather, or find a new song to sing along with even when you’re wet and without your phone.

10. Not being able to see your pet, even for a few hours.

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Will they even remember you? After all, you've been gone since *checks watch* however long it took you to pick out this watch at the store.

11. Being bored despite having access to nearly every entertaining thing ever made.

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It's all too much! Put your phone down, relax, and enjoy the silence. Okay, you're right — that was boring. Say, "Alexa, I'm bored," and behold all of the entertainment options at hand.

Instead of getting annoyed, get the Sonos One and Alexa, and do everything — from learning the latest news to ordering from your favorite restaurant — with the sound of your voice.