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    10 Ways To Maximize Fridge Space

    And therefore more room for goodies.

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    1. Group like items via clear storage bins so you can see everything at a glance. This also includes ridding of bulky, excess packaging that can otherwise eat up space.

    Honestly Alexandra / Via

    If you're using bins in your closet, you can use bins in your fridge! It may look odd to you at first, but using clear storage bins is a super easy way to see everything. Plus, you'll be able to wrangle loose items like fruit or yogurts.

    Instead of having items crowd each other, you'll be able to separate based upon type, freeing up some room and creating order. The fridge above from Honestly Alexandra looks so much more spacious because of the grouped items!

    If you're wondering how to even group items within your fridge, you can compartmentalize things into zones like below:

    Sears / Via

    Keep meat on the lower shelf, especially meat that is marinating! If anything were to drip, you wouldn't need to worry about it contaminating food below.

    Also check out our guide on how to store things in your fridge.

    2. Dedicate one container to foods that are soon to expire. This way you know you need to eat those items ASAP — instead of forgetting about them entirely. How many times have you pulled something from the back of a shelf only to realize it expired two weeks ago?

    Janine Ngai for LittleThings / Via

    You can label it how you like, but I suggest "Eat Me First" or "Eat Me ASAP." I also suggest keeping this bin on the top shelf of your fridge, or at eye level. It'll be easy to spot so you won't get caught with expired goods.

    You'll probably be cleaning this bit out the most often, but that means you won't have items floating that are no longer good, but are hogging space.

    And click here to check out more fridge hacks from Little Things!

    3. Suspend bottles from the ceiling via powerful magnets! You've got vertical space; you might as well take advantage of it.

    Uncommon Goods

    Don't worry — these fridge magnets are SUPER strong. You can adhere the strips to the ceiling of your fridge via the heavy-duty adhesives.

    This will clear up actual shelf space that can quickly diminish because of bottles.

    Get the set of magnets pictured above from Uncommon Goods for $30.

    4. Label everything! This is probably the most basic step, but should absolutely be done so you know what lives where and are not wasting space having the similar products in various places around your fridge.

    Slay At Home Mother / Via

    This can be done via decals or marker. Either way, you'll be thanking yourself in the long run when you don't have to shift through a bin to figure out what's inside.

    And check out more organizing tips from Slay At Home Mother.

    5. Utilize wire shelves to hang goods via binder clips. You can lift bags of cheese, Ziploc bags, and other smaller goods so they don't fall over and take up space.

    Janine Ngai for LittleThings / Via

    Bags of cut-up fruit or veggies don't stand on their own, so to solve this common issue of things toppling over, hang them! It's a way to free up bin space *and* utilize vertical space.

    Learn more at Little Things.

    6. Stack cans in a smart way that can decrease the amount of surface area they occupy. You can also DIY your stack via binder clips!

    Amazon, Janine Ngai for LittleThings / Via

    This way you know how many cans of seltzer you have left, and they'll be easy to grab!

    7. Keep it clean! The more mess inside your fridge, the more clutter, and the more stress it can produce. A clean fridge is a happy one.

    Mom 4 Real / Via

    Step 1: Empty out your fridge completely. This includes the door and inner drawers.

    Step 2: Check all expiration dates and toss anything that is past its prime.

    Step 3: Remove drawers and shelves and put in your sink.

    Step 4: Add two tablespoons of dish liquid to a bowl filled with hot water and let a clean sponge soak for a few minutes.

    Step 5: Scrub, rinse, and repeat! While you're letting your drawers and shelves dry, wipe down the inside of your fridge (walls, ceiling) with fresh soapy water. Hit any and all crevices, too. Oh – and the door handle!

    Step 6: Dry everything with a clean kitchen towel. Insert drawers and shelves back into place. Reload food items.

    Check out the full cleaning process from Mom 4 Real.

    8. Track items via a magnetic white board mounted on the fridge door. This way you're on top of what groceries you need to pick up and which you need to stop accidentally buying again and again.

    The Seaside Bohemian / Via

    Bonus: everyone in your family will be able to add items to the list and stay aware of certain goods that need to be bought versus eaten.

    Check out The Seaside Bohemian's complete fridge overhaul here.

    9. Store condiment bottles via a leftover egg carton. This way they'll stay propped upside down and always ready for use. You'll be able to get every lost drop out of each bottle.

    It'll also force you to keep them aggregated in one area: the fridge door shelf.

    Check out Alton Brown's video, too!

    10. Attach magnets to the bottom of small plastic containers so you can lift them off the ground and keep them stored on fridge walls.

    Tatertots and Jello / Via

    If you can utilize fridge ceilings, you can also use fridge walls! No surface has to be wasted. You can check out the full magnet DIY tutorial from Tatertots & Jello.