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    19 Things That'll Make You Happy To Stay Inside All Winter

    You can find me snuggled under the covers, thanks.

    1. A luxury bath caddy so you can soak for the next few hours. Or years. Whatever you need.

    2. A sherpa throw to cocoon yourself in for the entirety of the winter months.

    3. A string of lights that'll turn your bedroom into a twinkling heaven you can enjoy while bingeing Netflix.

    4. A foot massager — heat it up to melt away your stress. It'll be like your own personal masseuse!

    5. A mini fireplace to place in whatever room you spend the most time in to spread warmth and increase the cozy factor.

    6. An essential oil diffuser with a sleek wooden look so it doesn't stand out too much from your decor while releasing the wonderful aroma of lavender.

    7. A shag rug because ice cold floors during the winter months are the absolute worst.

    8. An organic bath towel to wrap yourself in post-shower for that much-needed nap.

    9. A pair of fuzzy socks that'll keep your feet bundled up and toasty warm.

    10. A Harry Potter onesie to slip into after a long day spent in the outdoor world *shudders*.

    11. A kettle with a stylish wooden handle that'll stay cool to the touch, even while the water is boiling.

    12. And speaking of hot chocolate, this Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix is so rich, you'll be drifting in chocolate bliss while sipping.

    13. A pair of adorable unicorn slippers you'll never want to take off. I mean, look at them!

    14. A soothing mud mask to combat the dry skin that always seems to arise during the winter.

    15. A waffle maker so you can make Leslie Knope proud. Is it just me or are waffles for breakfast a generally cozy food? Seriously! Waffles on a cold morning sound amazing.

    16. A literary candle inspired by different authors for your afternoon reading sesh.

    17. A heating pad to snuggle with when the weather outside is frigid. It may also help relieve sour stomachs and cramps.

    18. A bath bomb for turning your water into a magical mix of colors.

    19. And finally, a body pillow you can wrap yourself around each and every night. Hello, sweet dreams!

    Me avoiding every aspect of winter like:

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