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    The Best Scissors For Taking Care Of Just About Everything You Need To Cut

    These shears will beat paper and rock.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    When you think of all the common household tools you use day-to-day, a pair of trusty scissors ranks particularly high in importance. The pair you’ve got right now in your junk drawer has probably been there for years and has seen some gnarly things.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Think about it: All those clamshell packages and DIY haircuts. Countless plant cuttings and split-open delivery boxes. Present-wrapping and cute crafting. You’ve probably even taken shears to jeans to make cutoff shorts. A good pair of scissors is easy to take for granted, which is exactly why we believe they finally deserve some gosh darn recognition and respect.

    To put the blades to the test, we rounded up over 30 pairs of all-purpose household scissors and got down to business, snipping everything from paper and cardboard to flower stems and denim. We did just about everything you could do with a pair of scissors except run with them, then ranked each one based on precision, durability, comfort, blade sharpness, effectiveness, and style.

    So without further ado, we present to you the best scissors to keep in your home at all times, master crafter or not. And yes, these picks are definitely a ~cut~ above the rest.

    Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors


    Looking for a reasonably priced pair of scissors that’ll tackle most common tasks? Fiskars’ iconic orange-handled scissors is the answer. From cutting paper to fabric to cardboard, these blades handily outperformed every other budget shear we tested, which makes sense: You definitely don’t get a spot in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection for being dull.

    Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that because scissors are such a small, humdrum purchase, pricing tends to seesaw between a couple of dollars. If for whatever reason the Fiskars are over $10, or if you want another budget option that actually works, take a gander at our $ runner-up, the Scotch Titanium Non-Stick Scissors. Our testers found them to be sharp enough to recommend, plus they’re compact and surprisingly precise. They’re not as strong as the Fiskars (sometimes we needed both hands to get the job done), so if you’re only looking for something to conquer thin materials, these Scotch scissors will fit the bill.


    But at under $10, we’re confident Fiskars are the best budget scissors you can buy, and not only because of their iconic orange handle. (Fun fact: The company has the color “Fiskars Orange” trademarked.)

    You may remember these scissors from grade school, because, yes, they last that long. But — spoiler alert — the quality is legit, too. “Once you experience a good scissor, it’s hard to go back,” as Theresa McArdle, Fiskar’s current senior brand manager, told us. And we couldn’t agree more.

    We loved the Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors for a multitude of reasons, the main ones being its strength and comfort. Compared to other budget picks, the Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors consistently sliced through paper, cardboard, and denim without getting caught up. It snipped flower stems like a pro, all the while being comfortable and easy to grip (cramped hands, pass).


    What makes the Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors so comfortable is their ergonomic handle. Back in the late ‘60s, the brand was the first to introduce plastic handles — a lighter alternative to the all-metal shears of the day. Another big innovation: Fiskars was the first to design a handle that actually curved with the user’s hands. With the handles expertly molded, those with smaller hands can easily fit four fingers into the bigger, bottom loop, while those with larger hands can fit three. With this type of relaxed fit, we found our fingers to be less tense while cutting, even when taking on cardboard or plastic. And when looking at Fiskars next to other low-price contenders, it felt and looked sturdier — not like the type of scissor you’d give a child during arts-and-crafts time (that’d be this one).

    Like all disposable scissors, Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors will eventually lose their edge, but unless you’re using this every day on thick materials, it should definitely last you. If not, this sharpener should do the trick. For easy tasks and every-other-day-ish use, Fiskars is just about as dependable as you can get. And if you’re a lefty, they’ve got you covered (sans orange handle, unfortunately).

    Out of all the budget scissors we tested, Fiskars offered the most control, even with its lightweight body. When compared with budget scissors that feel like toys and quiver at the sight of anything thicker than craft paper, Fiskars made confident cuts. It’s also designed to creep close into tight corners (hello, paper snowflakes!).


    If you’re a serious crafter, we did test a couple of other Fiskars worth noting. The spring-loaded Fiskars Easy Action Scissors impressed our testers with their dexterity, but the design was just a little too bulky for everyday use. And the funny-lookin’ Fiskars Total Control Non-Stick Precision Scissors are great for hard-to-maneuver materials and spaces. And that’s not getting into all the Fiskars models we didn’t test.

    As scissors that you’ll break out for random tasks, you can’t go wrong with the original classic. Add in a lifetime warranty, and you’ve got a pair that’s easy to get behind. It’s true, folks: No matter what we cut, the blades remained sharp, so we really must tip our hats to folks at Fiskars.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.

    Livingo Premium Multipurpose Shears


    When it comes to our midrange pick, the Livingo Premium Multipurpose Shears performed just as well as the best of ‘em, but it was their sparkly, fun aesthetic that pushed ‘em to the top. If you’re looking to keep a pair of scissors on display (like on your desk, or at a dedicated crafting table), we’d recommend these for their colorful blades and subtle shimmer.


    While we tested plenty of pretty cutters in this price range — Hay’s Steel Scissors, Westcott’s Rose Gold Scissors, and Nakabayashi’s Hikigiri Slim Scissors come to mind — all of them proved to be just for show. These “elevated” scissors weren’t particularly sturdy or effective. Sure, they’ll cut paper fine, but not much else. That said, if you’re looking for a pretty thing to admire that you’ll use a couple times a year, they sure are appealing.

    Livingo’s Multipurpose Shears, on the other hand, have both style and substance, meaning they look good and will actually get the job done when you need ‘em to.

    When it comes to performance, we found the Livingos incredibly sharp and capable of cutting through two layers of cardboard at a time. Paper and denim were no match either, and with the added bonus of the interior rubber detailing on the handle, our testers felt like they had total control when taking on thicker, more robust flower stems. They’re not the lightest pair we tested, but the little bit of added weight lent itself to the scissors’ strength.

    Another huge bonus? They are available in two colors, three blade lengths, and in packs, with just two scissors costing you as little as $14. Talk about a damn steal.

    When you consider sharpness, not one tester reported blade dullness or overall weakness, instead noting that the Livingo scissors felt exactly like the pair you’d pick up to unbox something or slice through heavy fabric. With titanium-coated blades, they’ll resist corrosion and adhesives like glue; something that’ll make any crafter squeal with glee.

    If we’re being fair, our team also enjoyed the Clauss 8-inch Bent Titanium Bonded Tension Shears, but thought their overall appearance was less ritzy than the Livingos. Their performance was just a step below (we found the blades to be a tad stickier than the Livingos), but the tool confidently made its way through our testing materials. They also happen to be lighter than the Livingo shears, if weight is a major concern to you.

    If you’re looking to keep a midpriced scissor around that *pounds chest* does work and can be purchased in pairs for a better price, the Livingo Premium Multipurpose Shears are for you. They’ll get the job done while also adding a bit of glitz and glam to your life.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.

    Kai 5210 Dressmaking Shears


    Honestly, we didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with a pair of scissors. But then we picked up Kai’s 5210 Dressmaking Shears and wow — we saw stars. The ease at which these shears cut is magical. It’s no wonder when talking about the best scissors, this Japanese brand is often mentioned in the same breath as Fiskars (our $ pick) and Gingher (our $$$ runner-up).

    Technically labeled as dressmaking shears, but with the power to cut through anything and everything, Kai’s 5210 blades are the best of both worlds. Just upon holding them, you’ll be stunned by the quality and weight of these things. They’re smooth, controlled, and comfortable to say the least.


    These scissors also come equipped with a blade guard cover, a huge bonus for those with youngins curious enough to reach their hand into any drawer they’re tall enough to open. Plus, a cover almost guarantees longevity and consistent blade sharpness, although we really do believe the Kai shears would stay sharp, cover or not.

    They also have a lefty option available, plus blue, black, and pink options for right-handed folks. With blades made of hardened stainless steel, our testers found an impressive strength to them; and matched with that oh-so-satisfying snip sound, we really just couldn’t get enough.


    As for the handles, they’re very roomy and able to accommodate hands of all sizes. They’re not as ergonomic as Fiskar’s Original Orange Handled Scissors’, but are definitely comfortable enough, even for tedious cutting projects.

    Whether it was cutting craft paper or denim, cardboard or clamshell packaging, the Kai scissors were stupefyingly smooth and effortless. No material was a match in our tests, so we have zero doubt that these babies could slice through all types of fabric. And even with a heavier body, we found them to be perfect for everyday tasks. For a slightly lighter scissor that performed very well in our tests, our runner-up, the Victorinox All-Purpose Scissors, will treat you right. They weren’t as smooth as Kai’s, but we certainly wouldn’t turn them down as a pair of household scissors.


    Even though we set out to find the best multipurpose household scissors, we did test some dedicated fabric shears, Kai included. If you’re an amateur dressmaker, we suggest Mundial’s 870-8KE 8-inch Dressmaker’s Shears or Gingher’s 8-inch Knife-Edge Dressmaker’s Shears. Without doubt, these are wayyyyy heavier than our snippers with plastic handles, but after speaking with Teresa Collenette, scissor extraordinaire/design historian and associate curator at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, London, owning a pair of fully chrome-plated fabric shears is a must for any serious tailor.

    “The most distinctive feature of dressmaking shears as opposed to regular scissors is the angle of the handle. The side bend allows you to cut along the surface of a table without lifting the fabric, therefore achieving a more accurate cut,” Collenette told us. Mundial and Gingher provide that precision, but were just too much for simple household tasks.


    When it comes to gushing over a pair of scissors…you caught us. And you’ll probably catch us drunkenly raving about them at a party, too. Whatever your needs are, any of these scissors are worth the splurge (for a pair of scissors!). But for everyday use that won’t necessarily break the bank, we absolutely love Kai’s 5210 Dressmaking Shears and we don’t care how adult that makes us. Tried and tested, these shears win the top spot and our hearts.

    Get it from Amazon for $15.