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11 Thoughts You Have While Job-Hunting

Please someone hire me.

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1. Do you need a degree to become a ______?

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So what if I’ve never looked after a child before in my life, should I become a nanny in Notting Hill and live out my own comedy where me and the kid overcome our differences and become besties?

3. I saw ‘Amelie’ once so can I put ‘foreign film buff’ in the interests section of my CV?

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I went to Centre Parcs when I was 11 and rode on a horse so I’m basically an amateur jockey who loves to travel to exotic places.

4. Should I even be going for these kind of jobs?

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Yeah, I know I just spent 3 years studying it in uni, but what if I shouldn’t even be doing this and I just wasted the £30,000 I now owe student finance?

5. What if I’m just never able to get another job ever again?

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Seriously, what if no one ever hires me ever again and I just accidentally become a real housewife (without the money, house or husband)?

6. Who are these 7 other people they are interviewing as well as me?

Maybe we should meet up, start a group supporting each other through our struggles and whenever someone gets a job we kick them out of the Whatsapp group.

8. How do I get a stylish, comfortable, elegant yet flattering interview outfit that says, ‘oh yeah she’s got her life together’ but also costs no more than £1.75?

I want to look legit but I’m literally living off of Cheerios and hope so it’s a struggle.

9. Please no one ask me how the job search is going


Any friend or relative that asks you about your job search will either get the fake ‘oh the job hunt? I’m not even worried, yeah I’m enjoying this never-ending struggle,’ or the embarrassing fit of tears. No in-between.

Good luck with the job search! I’m off to move to the depths of the woods and live off the land.

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