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    Here's A Pressure Point Routine For When Period Cramps Are The Literal Worst

    No more curling up in a ball on the floor until the cramps pass.

    It happens to almost everyone who menstruates: the cramps hit you and can leave you curled up in a ball on the floor. If you're looking to ease the pain of your menstrual cramps, try this easy pressure point routine for relief! Some people are sensitive to pressure during menstruation, so adjust as needed.

    First, use your thumb and forefinger to apply pressure to the space between your thumb and index finger on the opposite hand.

    Next, apply pressure about four finger widths below the knee and between the calf and tibia muscles.

    Time to move to your back! Place your hands against the back of your tailbone and lay down on them for two minutes. This will elevate your pelvis and help relieve pain!

    Then, remove your hands from your back and apply pressure two inches below your belly button. Press lightly if the sensation is too much for you.

    Move your hands down a bit and apply pressure to the center of your pubic bone. Are you feeling any better yet?

    Then, move your hands a half-inch to each side to apply light pressure. This area might be more tender than others.

    To finish off, move your hands one thumb-width above the pubic bone and two thumb-widths to each side. Apply pressure with your index fingers for one minute.