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    This Easy Partner Upper Back Massage Will Help You Release Stress

    Time to relax!

    Feeling tense from a long day? Why not ask your partner VERY nicely to try these easy upper back massage techniques on you? Just lay down and let the relaxation begin!

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    To begin this massage, have your partner firmly run their hands along either side of your back and then up around your shoulder blades. Feeling relaxed yet?

    Then, have your partner squeeze and pull their thumb and forefinger along your trapezius muscle to release all the tension you've been holding onto from the day!

    Next, have your partner press their thumbs along your shoulder blades! Tell them to be careful to not press on your bones (ouch!).

    Then, tell your partner to firmly press and slide their hands down either side of your spine. This will make your back feel so relaxed!

    To finish off the massage, have your partner press both their thumbs down either side of your spine. Then, thank them for the most amazing massage ever!

    Now it's your partner's turn! You'll be the most relaxed pair there ever was.