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These Couples Wore Matching Outfits For A Week And It Was Adorable AF

"Let's not talk to them because they are deeply in love."

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Meet Safiya and Tyler, and Freddie and Paul: Two sets of couples who were ready to take their relationship to the ~next level.~ They were ready to dress the exact same for a week. Cue the twinning:

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The idea came from a South Korean trend, "Keo-Peul-Look" in which couples wear matching outfits to symbolize their commitment to each other. Or, as Freddie put it "mark their territory," which she was pretty into:


All in all, the experience felt like "one extended inside joke" and they ended up having fun. They were excited to get back to wearing their own clothes though, so they could comfortably engage in some PDA without making everyone suspicious.


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