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    Here's How To Finally Give Your Partner A Good Massage

    Give (and get) a little love this weekend.

    Easy Neck And Shoulder Massage

    Here's a video showing you how:

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    Start off with these trapezius pulls to help your partner relax...

    Push and pull your fingers slowly across their back.

    Then move on to these back circles that'll make your partner feel oh-so-good!

    Press down and make circular motions with your thumbs.

    Next, really get in those tight spots with some shoulder kneading...

    Squeeze your partner's shoulders with alternating hands.

    And move on to shoulder presses to release any tension your partner may have.

    Move your fingers along their back and press down firmly.

    Finally, finish the massage with some neck presses to show your partner some love!

    Press down firmly as you slide your fingers across your partner's neck.

    Now have them return the favor!