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Couples Changed One Thing About Themselves To See How Well Their Partner Knows Them

"Did they change your boobs on me?"

Have you ever been with somebody for so long that you think you know them inside and out? Well, these four couples were put to the test when they were asked to figure out what their partner changed about themselves.

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In the beginning, each couple was extremely confident in the challenge. I mean, when you're with someone for a long period of time, you would think that you notice every little thing about them, right?

If you know when your partner has garlic for lunch, gets a haircut, or wears a pair of shoes you hate, then finding a small change in them should be relatively easy...right???

Well, let's see if that's the case.

Nothing like a simple hair part change to trick them.

Shhhh, she put on fake nails.

Adding a hint of a different kind of perfume…let’s see how this goes.

Are you sure?

OK, you all seem pretty confident. I have faith then...

...I think.

The big reveal! *CUE THE ORCHESTRA*, this is all wrong.

And there goes that confidence, right down the drain.

The look of uncertainty. The look of knowing that you're in big trouble. The look that says you thought you knew your partner from head to toe but your whole relationship has been a LIE.

This guy assumes it's eyeshadow and then says it's mascara, and then becomes completely flustered because he doesn't know anything about makeup. Regardless, you're still way off.

Same guess, wrong answer too.

Yaaaay! The first couple got it, and it was pretty fast too!


When you tell her, "I'm distracted by what's going on around your chest area," and she laughs, she isn't laughing with you...she's laughing at you!

Another couple bites the dust! He knew what was up.

The struggle is just so fuckin' real, you all.


The struggle is still real for this guy.

Finally! Yes...yes, they did.

It took a little longer than expected for some couples, but they are all still happy to be together.