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    These Five Grocery Hacks Will Make Your Groceries Last Longer

    Throwing away less groceries means you'll save more money and be a happier human!

    Five Hacks To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

    Here's a video showing you how:

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    1. Did you know you make your bananas ripen more slowly with this plastic wrap trick?

    2. You can even lessen the time it takes for your berries to get old and mushy with this vinegar hack!

    3. Left-over salad greens? Try this to make them last longer!

    4. Have you ever tried wrapping left-over celery and broccoli with aluminum foil? They'll stay fresher for longer!

    5. You can even store asparagus, cilantro, or parsley in the fridge for longer with this easy method. Look how cute they look in jars!

    Enjoy your groceries for longer!