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    15 People Who Proved Just How Dangerous Working From Home Can Be When You Don't Realize Your Partner Is In A Meeting

    "My wife came back in with the dog and shouted, 'She took a HUGE dump' while I was on a call with an attorney."

    Trends come and go, but the rate of people working from home has only continued to rise throughout the last few years. In fact, the percentage of WFH employees has more than tripled since 2019 — and along with this increase in time at home comes an expanding likelihood of awkward e-meeting encounters.

    Woman smiling on a video call

    Recently, one work-from-homer who goes by @bauerpower on Twitter shared a moment when she declared, "I'm not a stinky girl anymore" to her fiancé after showering, and quickly realized he was in the middle of a meeting on his laptop:

    Working from home is so dangerous. My fiancé was encouraging at me to go take a shower, so after bathing I walked into the living room declaring “I’m not a stinky girl anymore” and he was in a financial planning meeting on his laptop.

    Twitter: @bauerpower

    Horrified yet inspired by her story, many flooded Betsy's comment section with similar stories, and WHEW. They're a doozy.


    @bauerpower It’s okay, I’ve loudly announced “i gotta poo poo” at the bathroom in front of my bf’s home office cause he was in my way while he was in a meeting 😆

    Twitter: @empressofcheer


    @bauerpower @tine_age_dream I once left my sister’s house after sleeping over, carrying heels and wearing the dress from the night before, and then realized my brother-in-law’s coworkers all saw a woman who was not his wife, tiptoeing away in the background.

    Twitter: @ByEmilyStMartin


    @bauerpower I used to work in the lounge and if I was in a meeting, he would try and crawl past me to not be seen on camera. Except everyone saw him and he looked ridiculous. We made sure to rent a 2 bed so I could have an office and this wouldn't happen again 🤦

    Twitter: @PartytimeRL


    @bauerpower Yes! I once brought the dog in, took off his coat and collar and yelled“it’s naked time!” before realizing lawyer husband was on a mediation.

    Twitter: @HeySarahLo


    @bauerpower I came home from the chiropractor once and exclaimed “that man cracked me like a glow stick” while my partner was on a meeting with his whole company 🥲

    Twitter: @apalkenndream


    @bauerpower Just yesterday, my wife came back in with the dog and shouted, “she took a HUGE dump” while I was on a call with an attorney.

    Twitter: @fluffyburger


    One time I performed a full song for my dogs like I was an international pop star (because my house has amazing acoustics) and my bf told me his whole company heard it 🙃 (now, he lets me know when he’s starting a meeting)

    Twitter: @_awnyah


    The other day I stood up after eating lunch and yelled “oh boy, back on the chili train!” and Geoff just tapped his headphones because he was on a call.

    Twitter: @iamcarriesoom


    @bauerpower I was on a zoom meeting once and a female coworker’s husband walked passed the camera with a towel around his hips. Very low around his hips.

    Twitter: @jlynn122


    @bauerpower Early in the pandemic I made a loud announcement about my most recent trip to the bathroom, not realizing my husband had just started his online college lecture 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Twitter: @RareOats


    One time a couple years ago I was working late and on a zoom call, and my husband was watching wrestling and he yelled "OHH FUUUCCK" as loud as he possibly could and the guy I was on the call with laughed so hard

    Twitter: @leafprins


    @bauerpower Not as funny but my boyfriend was WFH in our new place, our dog figured out how to open doors very quickly. So during an important meeting said dog busts in to see his fave person what you couldn’t see was me almost on the ground, trying to pull our 66lb dog out The cute culprit

    Twitter: @Ninegaless


    @bauerpower 🤣🙏Yesterday my SO was telling me he thinks he's figured out how to fill holes (context: 3D modeling), and I was told I wasn't muted on my Zoom call (very beginning of weekly staff meeting; people were still filtering in). 😱 I wish I knew what people thought we were discussing.

    Twitter: @MsDalfo


    @bauerpower On a zoom call with boss and 12 others, boss in the kitchen, her husband wanders out of the shower, dripping wet, butt naked standing there behind her drinking coffee and checking out the weather and giving the boys a little morning freedom🤪

    Twitter: @liszee


    i remember having an online class at home and mama just walked in my background while changing her shirt. tits out and everything 😭

    Twitter: @nananacole

    What's your most embarrassing work-from-home experience? If you're comfortable sharing, tell us about it in the comments below.