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People Are Revealing When They Knew Their Boyfriend Hated Them, And They're Not Holding Back

"He cheated on me and told me I manifested it." 🙃

Relationships can be rocky, and sometimes contempt can build. Recently, Twitter user @Oloni reflected on knowing men who have claimed to like someone in one moment but act the opposite in another. So, they asked the internet to share, "When did you realize he hated you?"

When did you realise he hated you??

Twitter: @Oloni

The stories range from cheating to worse. Here are a few of Twitter's top responses:


@Oloni I realized my ex hated me when he cheated on me with a girl who found me on FB and sent receipts of him sending money and seeing her. But instead of apologizing he bought me a bag and a new car and said “I can’t apologize because I did it on purpose”….👀

Twitter: @creativeassbae


@Oloni I drove 5 hours to him & ended up getting stranded half way cuz my car broke down. I called him to tell him & all he said was “damn” . Didn’t offer to come pick me up, didn’t offer any resolutions , nothing ... Ended up waiting in the nearby train station for hours ...

Twitter: @IfeSzn


we were at a restaurant. he looked dead at me and said “see this is exactly why I do not want to be with you anymore. you’re always doing some extra shit why can’t you just eat your food like a normal fxcking person?” in response to me asking for mustard. https://t.co/3DIbQ9j9iL

Twitter: @jackieaina


@Oloni Spent Valentine’s Day with his girl best friend. When he got home, he put a polaroid picture of them both and a plastic red rose she got him on display on his wall

Twitter: @daisabenaa


When he told me he was glad I wasn’t that ugly anymore bc I used to be way uglier https://t.co/1nOOK0j5w5

Twitter: @_karinasteph


@Oloni When we had a heart to heart thinking we could finally work through the past & I explained how sick I was. He seemed genuinely sorry & promised he wouldn’t abandon me in my time of need & struggle. The next day i was hospitalized and he blocked me on everything. (Not my husband)

Twitter: @WhitneyWickham


@Oloni Cheated on me and told me I manifested it 🙃😬

Twitter: @neeeeyuhhh_


@Oloni I was presented with a box that held beautiful diamond earrings……then was asked to put them in….HIS ears…on Easter….which that year happened to fall ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I got nothing….not even his presence at Easter/birthday dinner……we were married…..lol

Twitter: @mynamehere46


Homeboy asked me to plan his bday party and didnt invite me 🙃 https://t.co/FiFpbrxFVe

Twitter: @aunty_drey


when i was having a panic attack and he said "cool just shout me when ur done w all of that yea?" https://t.co/ZVgdrzTA1o

Twitter: @arabiasfinest


when he stood me up because he was playing league of legends and I texted him "is league really more important than me?" and he said yes https://t.co/uXPUYgzFIb

Twitter: @jasminericegirl


When I asked him for a frappe and he said I didn’t need it https://t.co/89LsaLseAI

Twitter: @destinnyyyyy_


When shorty tell me he can’t give me compliments because I get too much and my head gon get big, so he used to diss me instead. 💀 https://t.co/prGbVtRPnX

Twitter: @ArcherKimani


when instead of helping me thru my anxiety and panic attacks he would get mad at me and tell me to be an adult https://t.co/rzTEQDUZIS

Twitter: @beahlailey


when he wanted an open relationship when we lived closer to each other…. and said it “wasn’t my business” who he slept with. disgusting. https://t.co/D7aosaTXWn

Twitter: @shadybis


He told me I couldn’t go to a party with him because he wouldn’t have fun with me there, but I had already told him I wasn’t going because I was sick that night🥲 then he shut off his phone because he said talking to me would ruin his night https://t.co/nqRhBwv1ol

Twitter: @cidneymarshall


After 6 years of dating, I would occasionally ask “where’s my ring?” and one day he looked at me and said “I’m not marrying you” https://t.co/Qij9mN0F8G

Twitter: @rose_samanthaa

Now I'm curious. When did you realize you were settling for your ex? If you're comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments.