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    As If Billionaires Weren't Going Through Enough, Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Have Now Agreed To A Cage Fight

    "Send me the location." —Mark Zuckerberg, a man who should have infinitely better things to do

    As if we don't already have enough billionaire news circling around us this week, tech CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have now seemingly agreed to a cage match.

    Close-ups of Mark and Elon

    This all started Tuesday night when techies were sharing their thoughts online about Meta's upcoming app, internally nicknamed "Project 92," which is being designed to rival Twitter. In response to the buzz, Elon took to his own platform to suggest that Mark has a monopoly over digital space.

    Twitter: @elonmusk

    Seeing this, one user jokingly warned Elon to be careful with his words because Mark "does the ju jitsu now," and Elon said, "I'm up for a cage match if he is."

    Twitter: @elonmusk

    Well, Mark heard this call from wherever he is in the world and responded on his Instagram story by sharing a screenshot of Elon's call to arms with the words "Send Me Location" written on top.

    Screenshot of Mark's response to the Twitter exchange

    And that is all the internet needed to start placing their bets.

    Comment: READY for Elon VS Zuck

    Some are strictly on Team Zuckerberg...

    Comment: Elon don't stand a chance

    ...and others say Elon has the obvious win.

    Comment: Better prepare for ELON THE GREAT MUSK

    But since we're apparently doing this, it is worth noting that the 39-year-old Meta CEO recently took home both a gold and silver medal in the first jiujitsu tournament he competed in last month.

    And Elon has since clarified that he "never work[s] out" unless he's "picking up [his] kids and throwing them in the air."

    Twitter: @elonmusk

    Regardless, Elon says they should go one-on-one at the Vegas Octagon.

    Twitter: @elonmusk

    So yeah! Hopefully this is all just jokes, but if not...would you watch?