13 People Who Tried To Improve Their Home And Failed So, So, So, So, So Miserably

    Whoever put an electrical system in the shower needs to be jailed.

    Not everyone has an impeccable vision for design, and that's completely OK! However, if you're not a Joanna Gaines in the making, like these poor souls, then you may want to step away from the tools and let a professional handle it instead. Here are 13 homes belonging to people who I wish knew their limits:

    1. This shower that I can only assume was meant to boast a beautiful mosaic of tiles:

    mismatched tiles and unfinished patches in the shower

    2. This electrical system that's literally IN the shower:

    3. This kitchen island that's more like a kitchen podium:

    podium in the middle of the kitchen

    4. This bathroom setup that simultaneously makes peeing, brushing your teeth, and getting in the shower all equally difficult:

    the toilet, sink, and tub put too close together in a small bathroom

    5. This fully-tiled setup that leaves no room for error when it comes to losing your footing:

    checkered tile on stairs leading to a tub making it hard to tell where the steps are

    6. This light switch was halfway worked over:

    half covered light switch

    7. This DIY patio that's just...awkward. Like, I don't have the words for what's wrong, but everything about it looks off:

    paved walkway in the backyard leading to an uneven square in the middle of the grass

    8. This house that ditched their numerals and switched to this tiny cursive, which surely makes it hard for any Uber Eats driver to find them:

    2126 written in cursive about the door

    9. This rock someone intentionally left in the middle of the floor:

    large rock exposed through the tile of the floor

    10. This shower that literally just ricochets water toward the other end:

    11. This outlet that looks like it was ripped out and then glued back into the wall:

    outlet on the wall around unpatched wall

    12. This bathroom without a door that lets you greet every guest with your bum as they walk in:

    bathroom in the main room with no door and a glass wall

    13. And finally, this fire alarm that has been conveniently placed exactly where you'd expect a light switch to be: