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    I Am Obsessed With Every Single One Of These Elaborate Halloween Displays, And I Can't Wait For You To See Them

    The exotic dancer skeleton is a vibe.

    Spooky season is back, y'all! I've waited an entire year to see Halloween decorations pop back up across the US, and it's finally time. Skeletons are taking over front yards, movie callbacks are in session, and there's more than a few dark-humored takes on current events. Here are some of the best and most bone-chilling displays I've seen going viral online:

    1. These Taylor Swift–inspired skeletons:

    Twitter: @Ivankalema01

    2. This Jurassic theme park...

    ...that's complete with plenty of roaming dinosaurs:

    3. This house "on fire" that even fooled the local fire department:

    Twitter: @USATODAY

    4. This political take:

    Twitter: @DrMonic39867490

    5. This Zoom meeting that could have been an email:

    Twitter: @RobSummer

    6. This Ghostbusters-inspired moment:

    Twitter: @official80s

    7. This house that's been overrun with skeletons:

    Twitter: @accuweather

    8. This stone reminding people that YouTube isn't the best academic source:

    Twitter: @flaxseedthot

    9. This soccer game:

    Twitter: @spauldrs1977

    10. This cheeky pumpkin man:

    11. This impressive pirate display:

    12. These eccentric Halloween displays:

    Twitter: @ChrisMurphyCT

    13. This soul that'll love their pets forever:

    Twitter: @gretchemaben

    14. This 12-foot-tall Swiftie:

    Twitter: @stitchswift13

    15. This mannequin that'll have you running to help before they're taken by Pennywise.

    Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror

    16. This pond guest that definitely would have caught me off guard:

    Twitter: @shockg523

    17. These haunted tampons:

    Twitter: @MeadowGood

    18. This invasion from the afterlife:

    A property covered in skeletons that all are displayed as if they're running toward the house and trying to climb up it

    19. These three witches who are surely putting a hex on any passing trick-or-treaters:

    Three witch mannequins hold hands around a fake cauldron with a light inside it

    20. This skeleton that is werkinnng honey:

    A skeleton is dancing on a pole while another skeleton sits in a chair and holds a cup in the air

    21. And finally, these construction workers warning of "hellish traffic" and roads "barred forever" ahead:

    A section in front of a building is barred with caution tape; four skeletons in construction equipment are positioned as if they're digging in the barred area