Gen Z'ers And Millennials Are Sharing Things Our Parents' Generation Got Right That We Get Wrong

    "Neighborhood watch. Most people knew each other from the beginning to the end of their street, and could therefore look out for each other."

    Looking back on our childhood, sometimes it's easier in hindsight to point out things your parents did that you would never do. But one Twitter user, Omotehinse Oluwatobi, challenged others to consider: "What's something that you think our parents generation got right but we're failing at?"

    What’s something that you think our parents generation got right but we’re failing at?

    Twitter: @0luwat0bi / Via Twitter: @0luwat0bi

    The responses varied heavily, from having a strong sense of community to keeping up with physical photo albums and everything in between. Whether you agree or not, here's some of the most-liked responses:


    @MRT0Bl Neighborhood watch. Most people knew each other from the beginning to the end of their street, and could therefore look out for each other. These days, most people keep their kids inside because everyone is minding their business and could care less about kids safety.

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    @0luwat0bi Privacy(?) Now people just wake up and share very personal details on the internet because they can

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    definitely photo albums

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    @0luwat0bi I think "fixing things" - seemed to be a normal thing to fix anything that was broken. At school we had home economics (learning to cook/kitchen hygiene), repairing clothes, woodwork, metalwork, etc. Just fixing things instead of binning and buying new.

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    @0luwat0bi That thing where they could own a home and raise a family off of a low skill factory job was pretty legit. Wish we’d bring that one back.

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    @0luwat0bi Hospitality As a kid I saw my parents give top notch affordable hospitality to TOTAL strangers, even to the point of giving accommodation to someone they totally never knew. Now, in our time, it might not be feasible for "security reasons." But even in the reason, it's sad.🥲

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    @0luwat0bi Phones. You could get loud, cuss someone smooth out on a land line house phone and slam that thing down. The person on the other end could hear and feel it. The 'boop' of a cell phone call ended just doesn't give what needs to be gave. 😂

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    Helping your neighbor when they have issues. Bringing food, money, and services to those who are down or going through hard times.

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    @0luwat0bi The best memory I have growing up remains the communal living between families and the neighbourhood. The integration of cousins spending holidays together and taking turns to visit families. The whole neighbourhood watched and peaceful coexistence has been gradually displaced.

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    @MRT0Bl Spending time together as a family/community. There's this bond that was brewed when people spent time physically with each other mostly in the evenings to laugh and talk about their day. It isn't that way anymore and it's not anyone's fault exactly, times change.

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    @0luwat0bi Getting a job, Parents just walk in and ask for job and often got it too. Now you need high education and 10 years of experience to qualify even entry level job. :P

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    @0luwat0bi The idea of community. Back in the day, everyone knew everyone and other kids parents held the whole block accountable. Now don’t nobody know or care to know each other anymore. People don’t even kick it with their neighbors or neighborhood now.

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    @0luwat0bi Tangible copies of art and music and films. Buying something once and being able to repair/update it manually. We buy media online and it can literally change or become obsolete due to whatever. Music you own can be snatched from you and reuploaded differently.

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    @0luwat0bi Absolutely nothing. Our parents generation is the same as this generation except without the Internet. Them flexing, showing ass, sharing details was just done in a smaller scale. And the things that they though was good ended up getting people hurt like

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    How do y'all feel about the values and traditions listed? Do you agree, disagree, or do you have ideas to add? Let me know in the comments.