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    Piercings, YouTube Family Channels, And 14 Other Things People Think Kids Shouldn't Be Forced Into

    How many do you agree with?

    Recently, Reddit user u/Xanduh went viral when they asked the internet: What should kids never be forced into?

    Whether you agree or not, these were the top-voted replies:

    1. "Having their lives filmed and posted on YouTube."

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    2. "Picking sides in a divorce. Hearing anything bad about the other parent. Children should not be dragged through divorces. And you also shouldn't be shoving your new partner in their face right away."


    3. "A profession they don't like. It can really ruin a life."


    4. "Kissing family members against their will. The women in my family think it’s cute to force their kids to go around kissing everyone. I think it’s so unsanitary, and when it was me as a kid, I always felt so uncomfortable."

    A child kissing Grandma
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    5. "Religion. I think it's OK to take the kids along to church when they're young, but once they reach their teenage years and start finding out who they are, they should really be able to decide for themselves whether they want to go."


    6. "Lessons in an activity they aren't interested in — like an instrument they don't like."


    7. "Ear piercings."

    A little girl with an ear piercing
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    8. "Facing their fears. There is a difference between persuasion and encouragement in contrast with actual force. Like, I have never gotten over my fear of heights, and most people have encouraged me to try, which I have done. And that’s fine! I don’t regret those experiences. But as a small child, I had a phobia about dead animals, which was seen as more irrational, and people would force me to go where taxidermy was and would get mad at me because I was genuinely fearful, to the point of entering freeze mode."


    9. "Nicknames they do not like. As a former kid, that just fucking hurts."


    10. "Taking their phones away when they get a 99/100 on a test."

    A teen being grounded
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    11. "Being parents to their younger siblings. I have changed more diapers, done more late nights, and given more baths than both my parents combined."


    12. "Relationships with family member that they don’t want."


    13. "Living out their parents' crushed dreams."


    14. "Anything to do with their identity. Trying to prevent them from expressing themselves, or forcefully pushing them into a certain label, is no good for anyone. If a girl plays with transformers, or a boy with Barbies, it doesn't mean jack shit. They're kids."

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    15. "Beauty pageants — it's just weird."


    16. "Baptism."


    Now I'm curious. Did you agree with other people's opinions? Or can you think of other actions that children should never be forced into? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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