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    The "Maury" Show Asked People To Share How They Told Their "Baby Daddy" They Were Going To Be A Father, And These Are The Best Replies

    "We'd been trying and when it finally happened, it just seemed unreal." πŸ’•

    ~Sigh.~ I almost never get on Facebook because there is always some mess going on. However, during a little downtime, I decided to click the little blue icon, and the first thing that popped up was Maury asking, "How did you tell your baby daddy he was going to be a father?"

    Maury Show / Via Facebook: mauryshow

    There was no way I could log off without scrolling through a few replies. Since it's Maury, I expected messy, cringeworthy stories about deadbeat dads, but the chain was full of heartwarming responses. From couples who had been trying for years to surprise babes that made their hearts grow, the stories were undeniably wholesome. Here are some of the most-liked replies:


    He was working and I video called him He saw me crying when he answered and he just knew before I even said a word We were so happy We've been trying and praying when it finally happened it just seemed unreal Now our little bundle of joy is 18 months


    My husband was deployed and I told him I brought a baby back from when I went to visit him


    We tried and tried and were resigned to having none unfortunately We talked on President's weekend 1983 and figured we just weren't lucky Well November 1984 our first daughter was born Then we had three more


    I told my husband I got this crazy high bill and I didn't know why When he went to look at it, it was a letter I wrote saying See you in May Daddy We now have an 8-year-old


    I sat him down and said guess what After we lost three kids to miscarriage we were going to have a baby Then he said as God as our witness this baby will live Now our daughter is 20 years old and in college


    The week before our wedding we had planned for over a year we found out together we were pregnant He cried He was so happy and so did I One of my favorite moments ever


    He told me I should take a test After he left for work I took it and when I arrived at work he asked and I just smiled He then shouted with excitement and in seconds almost our whole workplace knew


    I looked at the father of my four children and smiled with him 39 years later we smile at our grandchildren


    We found a book called Thank You God for Daddy and at the end I crossed off I love you to We love you and put Coming soon 2021 at the bottom Our toddler brought him the book and asked him to read it


    He knew before I did because of the dog She started acting super protective of me


    For our first child he told me he thought I was pregnant and should check after I told him about my dread I had and he had a similar dream.


    I gave him a hug and said well now you're stuck with me for life and we've been together now for almost 21 years and our daughter is 15


    Sent him a picture of the test because we were just friends at the time and told him he had the choice of being their or not And he chose to stay and we ended up having another child together


    Was planning to do like a onesie with Hi dad or something like that but instead I came out of the bathroom with my pants down I was so excited I forgot to pull them up We were trying to get pregnant for a while


    I didn't he told me I never thought I'd get pregnant and he convinced me to buy a test Found out on Mother's Day I was pregnant at 30 with my first I'm five months along now with our baby girl and getting married on the second of October

    Now I want to hear from you! If you're comfortable sharing, let us know how you and your partner celebrated news of your pregnancy in the comments.