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    17 Teachers Who Quit Shared Why They Left, And I'm Sorry They Had To Go Through This

    "If literally anyone has said, 'You're doing a good job and we're glad you're here,' even once, I would have stayed."

    By now, you've probably heard there's a national teacher shortage, and it's not hard to imagine why. Teachers in the US are notoriously underpaid, burned out, and exhausted — but those aren't the only reasons behind the surge in pink slips and two-week notices.

    As reported by the National Education Association, about 55% of teachers say they're ready to call it quits, and these former educators got candid about exactly what made them leave the classroom:


    I quit my teaching job and now make more bartending for 15 less hours week. Also I get blamed for way way less and get told thank you way way more. No lesson plans or grading papers. Remember this when people ask about the teacher shortage.

    Twitter: @abbynormansays / Via Twitter: @abbynormansays


    I have never once wanted to quit teaching because of lack of curriculum or bad standards. I have, however, wanted to quit because of bullying unsupportive admin, initiative overload, lack of autonomy, lack of air conditioning, inability to care for bodily needs, and low pay.

    Twitter: @SciJeanne / Via Twitter: @SciJeanne


    @alotofrice @abbynormansays I started teaching mid year last year. I had thought about it for years. I’m not going back this year, but I told my partner that if literally anyone had said “you’re doing a good job, and we’re glad you’re here” even once - I would’ve stayed.

    Twitter: @penton_maggie / Via Twitter: @penton_maggie


    @jolampert Not prepared to work in under ventilated classrooms with unvaccinated, unmasked children during a pandemic.

    Twitter: @psychotherapuss / Via Twitter: @psychotherapuss


    @RVAReid @deray Why I quit teaching: the parents.

    Twitter: @caseylankow / Via Twitter: @caseylankow


    I had to explain to my parents why I quit teaching. Major distress. I feel like my Master's degree was for nothing. I feel like I let my parents down. Now, they're disappointed in me. I'm so frustrated. I hate it. It's like everything's fallen apart. I need a hug right now.

    Twitter: @TygerSongbird / Via Twitter: @TygerSongbird


    Victim blaming is still a huge issue when it comes to bullying in schools - part of why I quit teaching was because of how often a "weird" kid would report bullying and they'd be told it's their fault. This massively affects neurodivergent kids who are frequently misunderstood

    Twitter: @amaranthrain_ / Via Twitter: @amaranthrain_


    @abbynormansays @HC_Richardson I quit my (hs theatre) teaching job and will be making less money but the change in work/life balance more than makes up for it. No more eighty hour weeks or holier than thou types telling me I should be glad to sacrifice myself for future generations.

    Twitter: @UnofficialMsRob / Via Twitter: @UnofficialMsRob


    @jolampert Former teacher here. The lack of respect and lack of funding got me to quit years ago. Seeing how much worse teachers now have it is maddening.

    Twitter: @MarlenaStell / Via Twitter: @MarlenaStell


    @saribethrose @kdnerak33 I have my degree in teaching but I made more money working at Lowes.

    Twitter: @LoraHal24983531 / Via Twitter: @LoraHal24983531


    @jolampert Lots of state school teachers I know have left teaching or the sector as the job is crowd control rather than teaching with very little support. A lot of stuff we are asked to do exists to provide evidence that something has happened rather than making any difference.

    Twitter: @neutrino75 / Via Twitter: @neutrino75


    @jolampert I’m also one of them. After 20+ years had simply had enough of permanent tiredness and expectation to work during my time away from the classroom.

    Twitter: @thewhiteant / Via Twitter: @thewhiteant


    @ron_fournier This is how school staff and students are trained to fend off an armed intruder. It's part of why I quit teaching. I didn't go into teaching to be sacrificed on America's altar of guns.

    Twitter: @MagistraGoetz / Via Twitter: @MagistraGoetz


    @abbynormansays I’m thinking of leaving it too because I’m done feeling like I am being used and abused. I literally cried today thinking of how I have been feeling this entire year. #unappreciated

    Twitter: @alotofrice / Via Twitter: @alotofrice


    @jolampert @susanbaker588 Left because of the conditions. Relentless work, lack of downtime. You won't fix that, so those of us who left with good reasons won't go back because those reasons are still there and have worsened.

    Twitter: @DharricRolyat / Via Twitter: @DharricRolyat


    @jolampert left the profession after 2 years due to lack of support in dealing with awful behaviour Students aren't disciplined when they are abusive verbally or physically toward the teacher. I was scared for my mental and physical well being. No teacher leaves just for the silly workload

    Twitter: @NonPiuMe / Via Twitter: @NonPiuMe


    @ClintSmithIII I graduated college and began teaching in 2019. I quit after this past year because the pay wasn’t enough to justify staying

    Twitter: @Sole_Man96 / Via Twitter: @Sole_Man96

    How do you believe the US can work to support its teachers? Let me know in the comments.