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    I'm Obsessed With This 27-Year-Old Guy, Who Has Never Drank Anything But Water, Trying McDonald's Sprite For The First Time

    "Any drink that isn't water is just dirty water."

    Internet, this is Davey Jarrell, a 27-year-old Californian who has never drunk anything but water and milk his entire life, with the exception of apple juice for a short time as a child before he saw what the liquid looked like firsthand.

    "When I was a very little kid, I drank apple juice out of juice boxes and I never actually saw the juice," Davey told BuzzFeed. "Then one day during preschool, the teacher gave us animal crackers and apple juice for snack time, except the juice didn't come in a juice box. I saw everyone drinking apple juice out of these clear plastic cups. It was my first time seeing what the drink looked like, and I was so grossed out by the color I wanted to throw up. It dawned on me right there that any drink that isn't water is just dirty water."

    As a person approaching their 30s, Davey has recently decided to give the drinks he's missed out on a try, and lucky for us, his friend Josie Bastida filmed the whole experience. Now, nearly 21 million people have tuned in to watch the self-proclaimed "chromohydrophobic" — meaning he has a fear of colored drinks — and it's truly something:

    For a live-action look, you can watch the full video here

    First up, he tried Blue Cool Gatorade...

    A series of five drinks are set up in front of Davey, all with straws coming out of them; Davey is drinking out of a bottle with blue Gatorade

    Davey's reaction + rating: 5/10.

    Davey slaps his hands on the table and turns his head sideways with his eyes closed and a look of disgust on his face

    Then came Mountain Dew:

    Davey still has his eyes closed as he drinks of the next bottle with Mountain Dew in it

    Davey's reaction + rating: 1.

    Davey recoils and grimaces as he pulls away from the drink

    Next was some good ol' Fanta, Fanta, dontcha wanta:

    Davey looks calm as he takes a drink from the Fanta bottle

    ...which sent Davey into a coughing fit. His rating? Zero.

    He no longer looks calm, with his arms held up to cover his face

    If you thought the Dr. Pepper might fair well...

    Davey looking grossed out again as he drinks from the Dr. Pepper can'd be wrong. Davey gave it a negative score.

    Davey frowns and clenches his fist after finishing the drink

    I was excited when he got to the Icee — because, like, who doesn't like Icees?

    Davey drinks from the straw in the Icee

    But he said the aftertaste was reminiscent of medicine. He didn't even bother to give this one a score.

    After drinking the Icee, Davey frowns and raises his eyebrows, which makes him look sad

    After the Icee was the lemonade, and, well...

    Davey drinks from a tall plastic bottle of lemonade

    ...that one also got a zero.

    Davey's eyes are shut tight with his mouth open and veins popping out of his neck as it looks like he's yelling in disgust

    After going viral, viewers begged him to try McDonald's cursed Sprite.

    However, the previous torture made Davey a little hesitant.

    Davey sits in front of a single McDonald's cup, with his hands on his face, looking very concerned

    Hilariously enough, TikTok even provided a warning on the bottom of his video, suggesting the actions taken by Davey could lead to others being hurt.

    And surprisingly, Davey kind of liked it, saying, "You know what? It doesn't taste bad. It really doesn't taste bad. I still never want it again, though."

    Davey with his eyes closed and mouth open again, but this time with a look of shock more than anger or sadness

    As a bonus, Davey also tried vodka for the first time.

    Davey drinking straight vodka from a glass with no mixer or chaser

    He hated it.

    Davey reacting with horror and spitting out the vodka all over his table

    Legend has it that Davey is still cleansing out his mouth to this day.