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    21 Halloween Food Fails That Are Guaranteed To Haunt You

    These dishes will haunt me.

    I love spooky season! The horror movie marathons, the adorable kids in costumes, the haunted houses, and an excuse to dress up — where could it go wrong? Well, the food, apparently.

    Lit jack-o-lanterns against a night sky

    Though Halloween 2021 has officially come to an end, a few amateur chefs created terrifying, spooky-inspired dishes that will haunt me for the rest of the year. Here are some of my favorite creepy, gross, and outright lazy designs:

    1. These nuggets that add a new meaning to blackened chicken: 

    2. This meatloaf from the beyond: 

    3. This pumpkin stew that I'm still trying to figure out the cooking method behind: 

    4. This eyeball that's basically just a ball: 

    5. This "spooky" fruitcake:

    6. These crispy spider crablets that may actually just be burned:

    7. These hot dogs that aren't scary because they're dark but, rather, because they're licorice:

    8. This Papa John's promotion that I refuse to believe is real: 

    9. These _Nightmare Before Christmas–_inspired cookies:

    10. Honestly...I don't know what this is:

    11. This less-than-scary ramen bowl: 

    12. These creepy Olafs that need to be destroyed right now: 

    13. This second attempt at a mummy meatloaf: 

    14. These buns that ooze regret: 

    15. This 8-year-old's cake that'll haunt them until they're 20: 

    16. These lovely lumps: 

    17. This scarily underbaked pizza:

    18. This pumpkin pancake that has seen better days: 

    19. These screaming strawberries: 

    20. This feetloaf with so much onion, it'll definitely make you cry: 

    21. And finally, this version of Pennywise that more closely resembles Ronald McDonald:

    What's your go-to Halloween dish? Let us know in the comments.

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn and r/cakefails.