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16 Of Arguably The Best And Most Timely Halloween Displays I've Ever Seen

Spooky displays for an equally spooky year.

Spooky season is here, and Halloween decorations have started creeping up on neighborhoods across the US. There are skeletons, movie callbacks, and more than a few dark humor displays inspired by current events. Here are a couple viral takes on 2021's most bone-chilling holiday:

Ghosts wearing glasses while sitting at an outdoors table

1. These tongue-in-cheek COVID gravestones:

Whoever put these up as halloween decorations is officially the GOAT of 2021.

Twitter: @DuncanCantDie / Via Twitter: @DuncanCantDie

2. This empty Georgie costume searching in a sewer for It:

Best #Halloween decoration ever. 🎃👻💀🎃

Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror / Via Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror

3. These skeletons trying their hand at the #MilkCrateChallenge:

Twitter: @RexChapman / Via Twitter: @RexChapman

4. This fake buried body that looked a little too real for comfort:

When your Halloween decoration is so good, the cops show up.

Twitter: @NaserMestarihi / Via Twitter: @NaserMestarihi

5. This line of demonic dolls carrying their former owner to the trash:

HaHa now that took some effort. Halloween decoration awesomeness.🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror / Via Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror

6. These ghost tampons, which could honestly only be made funnier with fake blood:

Twitter: @MeadowGood / Via Twitter: @MeadowGood

7. I — I don't know wtf this is. But it's terrifying, so it wins:

A neighbor’s Halloween decoration has never made me laugh more

Twitter: @Maddyandrews_4 / Via Twitter: @Maddyandrews_4

8. These walking dead souls breaking into a house:

@RexChapman Meanwhile in Chicago …..

Twitter: @JREY52 / Via Twitter: @JREY52

9. These unregretful icons:

Twitter: @MC_Moontea / Via Twitter: @MC_Moontea

10. This unfortunate reminder that I may work through Zoom until I die:

Twitter: @RobSummer / Via Twitter: @RobSummer

11. This show for the road:

A’ight got my #Halloween decorations up 🎃🧡😎💀

Twitter: @Oonabot / Via Twitter: @Oonabot

12. This day out with the ladiessssss:

Twitter: @udaman7612 / Via Twitter: @udaman7612

13. This display that takes the phrase "ball 'til I die" a little too seriously:

@RexChapman Pick up game of 🏀 for @RexChapman

Twitter: @udaman7612 / Via Twitter: @udaman7612

14. These students who are dead tired:

@RexChapman My neighbor’s front yard. They change it daily.

Twitter: @mom_mgmt_5 / Via Twitter: @mom_mgmt_5

15. This office display that belongs in front of a courthouse:

@RexChapman Our display for the office.

Twitter: @bgbill2 / Via Twitter: @bgbill2

16. And finally, this Halloween display that makes me question which is scarier — the decor or how much it costs.

Is there a prize for best Halloween decoration?!?

Twitter: @brittanyniko / Via Twitter: @brittanyniko

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