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If You're A Gen Z'er, We Want To Hear About Alllllll The Differences You've Noticed Between Your Generation And Gen Alpha

The amount of Gen Alpha kids I see with tablets at restaurants is...dystopian.

As Gen Z'ers enter adulthood, their behavior, values, and beliefs are often compared to older generations...

Article headline and subheading discussing generational differences in teaching ideas to children, highlighting a personal revelation

...but what about Gen Alpha?

Born between the early 2010s and 2024, older Gen Alpha kids are coming into their own personalities and surely there are key differences between them and their siblings. So, I want to hear all about what we can expect.

Maybe you grew up with coloring menus as a distraction at restaurants, but your Gen Alpha sibling stares at nothing but their tablet for the entire duration of dinner.

Maybe fashion was the farthest thing from your mind as a child, and you just enjoyed hanging out with friends. Your Gen Alpha sibling, however, has crop tops and/or a sneaker obsession paired with a Stanley cup. A baby hype beast, if you will.

Several Stanley Quencher H2O tumblers displayed on a patterned tablecloth

Or maybe your sibling has so much access to the internet that they're learning at a far faster rate than you ever did.

Child sitting on bed engaged with a tablet, surrounded by pillows, with artwork on the wall

Whatever differences you've noticed between you, a Gen Z'er, and Gen Alpha, I want to hear all about it in the comments. Or, if you'd rather remain anonymous, use this Google Form. Your response may be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.