I'm Trying To Pick My Jaw Up Off The Floor After Barbara Corcoran Gave This Tour Of Her $13 Million Apartment

    The Shark Tank businesswoman gave a tour of her richety, rich, rich apartment on TikToker Caleb Simpson's page, and it's already been viewed over 26.6 million times.

    If you don't know, Caleb Simpson is a New York City–based content creator who runs around different boroughs and asks everyday people how much they pay for rent before taking a tour of their space for comparison.

    And with New York being the most expensive city in the US, it should come as no surprise that most of the apartments are astronomically priced while boasting minimal square footage.

    Caleb's videos remind viewers of the sacrifices people are willing to make to enjoy a city they love, or an underlying endurance many have while trying to make it big.

    And for one recent apartment owner on Caleb's page, the "worth it" part has come. Recently, the content creator met up with businesswoman Barbara Corcoran, who you may recognize from making multimillion dollar investments in start-up companies on the show Shark Tank.

    In the resulting video of the meetup, which has now been viewed over 26.6 million times on TikTok, Barbara showed off her apartment, which she says she owns and pays $10,000 a month for in maintenance fees.

    She fails to mention the overall price she paid for this life of luxury, but after some sleuthing and help from CNBC, I found that Ms. Corcoran paid a whopping $13 million.

    After a quick chat, Barbara welcomes Caleb (and therefore us) inside her place, and y'all. I've never felt so broke in my life.

    Downstairs — yes, there are multiple floors — is the foyer and a living room that Barbara seems to largely use as a makeshift gym.

    Then she walks through a hallway that's larger than the main floor of my house. (And I'm desperate to know how much that featured art work is worth.)

    There's a butler's pantry...

    ...and a lime green kid's room.

    But the real fun starts upstairs. First, she has to climb this Cinderella-worthy staircase.

    And we pass by a dog who has no idea how lucky he is.

    The dog, named Max, standing on the stairs

    Barbara has a cute little living area she uses as a mini library...

    ...and then she takes us to the terrace, and we see where that $13 million went.


    This other guest bedroom is cute too, but clearly she's paying for the view of the city.

    Or if you love a good meal, the kitchen is also a central point in the house.

    Between the stone flooring, full-length glass walls and ceiling, and another vantage point of the city, you could serve me anything in here and I'd eat it.

    A beautifully set dining table with floral printed plates and a flower arrangement in the center

    Barbara even admits that the kitchen was her weakness when buying. "I sit here every day and think to myself, 'How lucky am I?' I never thought I'd have such a good kitchen."

    It is pretty nice.

    Next up is this funky bathroom.

    The bathroom has diamond shaped tiling

    Then Barbara's room...which is literally just a bed...

    ...and a place to store her shoes.

    Side note, I'd NEVER let a stranger lie in my bed, but that's just me. 

    Closing out the video, Barbara recalled working as a messenger nearly 26 years ago when she delivered a package to the person who owned this apartment before her. "I saw the view out of her door...and I said, 'If you ever sell this, ma'am, would you sell it to me?' She called me 26 years later."

    You can watch the full apartment tour below:


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