"We Shouldn't Even Be Having That Discussion": Baltimore's Mayor Is Being Praised For Shutting Down Questions About Rebuilding The Key Bridge And Putting Lives First

    "Right now there are people in the water that we have to get out. And that's the only thing that we should be talking about," Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott said in response to a reporter asking about when the Key Bridge will be rebuilt.

    Early this morning, a container cargo ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, resulting in the structure's collapse.

    A large cargo ship crashed into a bridge, causing structural damage with containers visible. No people in the image

    According to James Wallace, fire chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department, two people have been rescued from the water — one of whom is in "very serious condition" and being treated at a local trauma center. Rescue efforts are currently searching the water's surface, below the water, and on the cargo ship for upwards of seven people presumably unaccounted for.

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    Baltimore City's mayor Brandon Scott declared a State of Emergency in the city to deploy needed resources, but a moment during a press conference has collectively caught the nation's attention in regards to the young politician.

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    In a video shared by the Daily Mail, the 39-year-old mayor was answering questions about the bridge collapse when he was asked: "How long is it going to take to rebuild [the bridge]?"


    "Right now there are people in the water that we have to get out, and that is the only thing we should be talking about." The emotional Baltimore mayor urged everyone to keep their focus on the victims of the bridge collapse. 🎥 Reuters #bridgecollapse #baltimorebridge #river #baltimore #news #breaking

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    Immediately, Mayor Scott responds: "We shouldn't even be having that discussion right now. The discussion right now should be about the people, the souls, the lives that we're trying to save."

    "There will be a time to discuss about a bridge and how we get a bridge back up, but right now there are people in the water that we have to get out. And that's the only thing that we should be talking about," he concluded. 

    And he's received nothing but praise online.

    comment reads, great answer it's about the people and families right now

    "That's a good Mayor," one person said. "Thank you for thinking of the irreplaceable first...I'm so sorry to those who lost one's during this horrific accident."

    "This is the spirit of a true public servant," another agreed.

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    Seeing politicians put humans first felt foreign to many...

    User 'Eldest Millenial' praises a leader, saying they're amazing compared to past city leaders

    ...and the moment inspired many to push for younger people in politics.

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    "This is why I feel younger people are needed in government," a TikTok user said. "Some realness."

    "Yay for the new generation of politicians," someone added.

    People online agreed that we appear to be entering a new and welcomed era. "This is why the older generation doesn't want people our age in politics," a user wrote. "So well spoken, kind, and no question on what his priorities are."

    "I was confused because seeing young people in power is so unfamiliar to me," another commented. "But [it] makes me SO excited to see and the passion is super cool."