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This Digital Artist Used AI To Show What Historical Figures Would Look Like Today, And I'm Sorry, But Alexander The Great Was FINE

They're calm, so I'll add them to the tally.

Recently, BuzzFeed spoke to 33-year-old digital artist and Bored Panda contributor Hidreley Leli Dião, who uses both artificial intelligence and editing apps to reintroduce us to our favorite Disney characters, reimagined as real people.

Well, for the history buffs out there — or those who struggle to match real faces to ancient busts — Hidreley also re-envisions famous historical figures in our modern time. Here are some of his most popular renditions:

1. Painter Vincent Van Gogh:

a self-portrait of Vincent

2. George Washington, first US president:

3. Nefertiti, queen of Egypt:

A bust of Nefertiti

4. Alexander the Great, king of Macedon:

5. Painter and theorist Leonardo Da Vinci:

6. Roman general Julius Caesar:

7. French heroine Joan of Arc:

8. Playwright William Shakespeare:

9. Marie Antoinette, queen of France:

10. Classical composer Mozart:

11. Mary Stuart, aka Mary, queen of Scots:

12. French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte:

A painting of Napoleon in military regalia standing next to a chair in an ornately-decorated room

13. English monarch Mary Tudor, aka Bloody Mary:

14. Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton:

15. Mathematician Sir Isaac Newton:

A drawing of Sir Newton from the chest up

16. Sculptor Michelangelo:

17. Anne of Cleves, queen consort of England:

A painting of Anne

18. Hatshepsut, second confirmed female Egyptian pharaoh:

A sculpture of Hatshepsut

19. And finally, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius:

A bust of Aurelius

You can follow Hidreley on Instagram to see more of his work.