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    "This Is My Multiverse Of Madness": 32 Tweets That Prove Netflix's "Perfect Match" Is Wayyy Too Addictive

    Justice for Anne-Sophie and Colony!

    🚨 There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Netflix's first season of Perfect Match. 🚨

    Since Feb. 14, Netflix has cursed and blessed us with their newest dating show, Perfect Match, which shoved familiar faces from their hit shows into one house together, all under the guise of attempting to help them find love.

    From people hopping out of one relationship and immediately into the next, to a kissing challenge where Chase claimed Kariselle chipped his tooth just to humble her, to an actual engagement (?!), every single one of the show's 12 episodes was chaotic. But none more than the season finale, which concluded with each castmate voting on which of the final couples should be deemed a ~perfect match~.

    Viewers could not hold back from reacting to every bit of the mess, and these are some of the funniest, most way-too-real and genius takeaways:

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    watching perfect match like this is my multiverse of madness like if there’s one thing i love it’s netflix shitty reality shows

    Twitter: @princehvnry


    no one: francessca everytime she saw dom happy: #perfectmatch #PerfectMatch #perfectmatchnetflix

    Twitter: @alejhundro


    Diamond: “Bartise is very hot. I’m excited. Y’all see him!!!” Me: #PerfectMatch #PerfectMatchNetflix

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @Bassicallyme_


    i dont know how we gave netflix the impression that we wanna watch bartise and damian on our screens again #perfectmatch

    Twitter: @hjoongslaptop


    In what world would you pick this big toe Damian over this fine ass man Dom?!?! #PerfectMatch

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Lynsatiable


    Mitchell being a virgin and saying he can’t commit to Chloe bc he wants to have time to explore other women and have fun still makes zero sense to me #PerfectMatch #PerfectMatchNetflix

    Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @boredblackgurl


    Im crying Joey & Kariselle got engaged and they still didn’t win 😭😭😭 #perfectmatch

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @yallknowaj_


    ines realizing her worth and the fact that she dont fw no one in the villa: #perfectmatch #perfectmatchnetflix #PerfectMatch

    Instagram: @badbunnypr / Via Twitter: @alejhundro


    Abbey calling out Bartise for being a gaslighter, manipulator and a shithead👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 We did it for Nancy. #PerfectMatch

    Twitter: @1stdegreechickn


    Francesca is truly a villain bc how are u gonna be matched with Dom, get mad when he breathes next to another female, dump him one day later for Damian, tell Damian you want an open relationship, then tell him he can’t talk to anyone??? Bffr #PerfectMatch

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @diancuh


    It’s so fucking uncomfortable watching all the black contestants just leave without even getting a chance. I hate it here. #PerfectMatch

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @ricksnemesis


    Oh nothing just thinking about Francesca in episode 2 of perfect match saying she once was going down on a girl and encountered a tampon string but was already down there and wanted to finish the job so she pulled it out with her teeth… go off queen

    Twitter: @perri_anneLove


    Shayne is an absolute man child. Why didn't he have a problem with Chloe initially but after LC talked to him all of a sudden he's upset and throwing tantrums? #PerfectMatch #perfectmatchnetflix

    NBA / Via Twitter: @kissesfordayss


    Two people I never want to see again on any reality show #PerfectMatch #PerfectMatchNetflix

    Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022 / Via Twitter: @jescantello319



    Netflix / Via Twitter: @fentybeautiful


    The way Bartise's attitude towards a woman completely changes when she confidently stands up for herself is actually alarming. Like how are you going to take Abbey's past insecurities and throw them in her face cuz you're mad that she's questioning your intentions? #perfectmatch

    Twitter: @grlbehindscrn


    The fact that Savannah’s presence disrupts Francesca’s peace in EVERY scene is hilarious. #PerfectMatch

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @noxiouscali


    Lmao Shayne saying water getting splashed on him was the most humiliating thing in his entire life when Natalie literally said no to him at the alter 🤣🤣 #perfectmatchnetflix

    Twitter: @sillygoosed0ink


    I’m sorry but colony and Anne Sophie were both too classy for perfect match. They put career-oriented women with a bunch of sex addicted social media personalities 😕

    Twitter: @aniyazion


    My drama loving self every time Chase opened his mouth in the finale #PerfectMatch #perfectmatchnetflix

    A Very Good Production / Via Twitter: @you_swerve


    I know perfect match is scripted bc there’s no way this many women think Bartise is attractive

    Twitter: @HeyitsAbbyHere


    Why did Dom change accents when talking to Colony? Im cringing heavily #PerfectMatch #PerfectMatchNetflix

    Oxygen / Via Twitter: @theepoeticthot


    Bartise got some nerve talking bout “normally If I’m meeting a girl for the first time, they’re a lot of times nervous and stumbling over themselves”… like Bffr #PerfectMatch

    Instagram: @theestallion / Via Twitter: @_TheeStarboy


    Why tf is Mitchell there if he's so scared of relationships? #perfectmatchnetflix #PerfectMatch

    Twitter: @TheMuseSeven


    francesca wanting an open relationship but getting jealous whenever her match breathes in the direction of another person… she just wants to do whatever SHE wants, but her partner isn’t allowed the same leniency #PerfectMatch #PerfectMatchNetflix

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @Balayagez


    netflix perfect match hot takes: - joey and kariselle are hilarious - chase needs therapy or prison time (not a hot take) - mad respect for savannah - nick kinda a bitch - shayne weird af but kinda smart?? - ines deserves 10/10 love - francesca has always been the worst

    Twitter: @abizzlmynizzle


    Ines 💕 Truly the most deserving person of the cast. She was the heart of the show. #perfectmatchnetflix #perfectmatch

    Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix / Via Twitter: @demigodniro


    So the couple who got engaged isn’t a Perfect Match. It’s the couple that was just…there. #perfectmatchnetflix

    World of Wonder / Via Twitter: @Miss_TiffyBaby


    Damian and Francesca matching is proof that Giannina was not overreacting on After The Altar lmao #PerfectMatch

    Twitter: @neshacm


    Being on Perfect Match and saying “I don’t want to be in a relationship right now” is actually insane 😂

    Twitter: @niiiccchhh


    Savannah when Kariselle was crying about Francesca leaving: #PerfectMatch

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @ThamHusband


    If Bartise has a million haters, I am one of them. If Barista has ten haters, I am one of them. If Bartender has no haters, that means I am no longer on this Earth. If the world is with Bartise , I am against the world. I hate him #PerfectMatch.

    Twitter: @enteekaay

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