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Vodka For Millionaires

Since 2000, vodka brands and brands have started to appear in the world, even not every millionaire can afford them. The cheapest in this range can be called vodka "Stolichnaya" Elite from the Himalayan mountains. Its producers were estimated at $ 3,000, claiming that it was made from water that was taken from Himalayan mountain springs. Bottles for this sort of vodka are blown by hand, and the kit includes a gold-plated knife for ice splitting. Vodka Belver Bears from Belvedere was made in a limited edition, especially for the Cannes Film Festival and it could be tried only by the most eminent participants of the French film forum. A bottle of Belver Bears vodka is made in the form of a bear. A bottle of transparent plexiglas is illuminated by two lighting elements, which give it an external resemblance to the ice. The cost of a bottle of this drink is 7240 dollars. "Russian-Baltic" vodka for 740 thousand dollars is especially appreciated, because it is made according to the old recipe. A perfect combination of the exterior design of the bottle and its contents will charm anyone who appreciates the timeless classics. However, the most expensive in the world can be called LeBillionaire vodka. Vodka itself is manufactured according to the most advanced technologies from elite wheat varieties and passed additional filtration of spring water. Vodka is filtered using a special device, separated by a diamond crumb, through which several times an elite alcoholic drink is passed. As a result, after several stages of diamond filtration, vodka gets a special, noble and rich taste. Design bottles, each of which is decorated with more than 3000 diamonds, was developed by the exclusive design company "LeonVeres". The producers claim that the drink is being cleaned with precious stones. The cost of such a five-liter bottle of vodka is 3.7 million dollars.

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