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29 DIY Fails To Boost Your Ego Today


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1. This couple that just wanted to say "we do" the crafty way.

2. And this bride-to-be that thought maybe she could get into the craft business?

3. This zombie lover who thought movie makeup was effortless.

4. And this creepy Halloween baker.

5. This suggestive party cake baker.


7. This girl who was hot and just wanted some jorts.

8. This patriotic punch maker.

9. This new mom who is still getting used to what she named her kid.

10. This floor owner who just wanted to walk on his floor in peace.

11. This painter.

You had one job.

12. This memory keeper who wanted to hang a photo.

It was probably a selfie.

13. The dirty partier that created this shower contraption.

This is why we can't have nice things.

14. This candle making wizard.

15. This guy who should have called a tiler.

16. This first-time lollipop maker.

17. This talented knitter who is not so talented at measuring things.

18. This girl tryna save a few bucks on a mani.

Nailed it. Literally.

22. This person trying to make...something.

23. This ambitious seamstress.

24. This mom who trusted her daughter.

25. This person getting excited for the holidays.

Christmas tree wiener for the win.

27. This experimental braider.

28. This person who shouldn't be allowed to have a pet.

29. This actually crafty DIY intern.

It can happen to anyone.

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