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23 Reasons Why Parents Are Definitely Better Roommates Than Friends

Sorry I can't, I have dinner with my roomies.

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1. While all of your friends complain about the monthly rent on their apartments, you have the satisfaction of living rent-free.

E! / Via

Haha ::monkey covering mouth emoji::.

2. You can still get away with asking to be chauffeured around.

ABC / Via

Need a DD? Mom will do it, because she cares about your safety.

Need a ride to the train? Dad's got you, because he wants you to get to work and make money so you can help with your student loans.

3. Free food all day erryday.

NBC / Via

Hot meals when you get home from work, a mostly stocked fridge full of food that you likely didn't pay for, and take-out that you don't need to go halvsies on like you do with friends.

4. And normally you'll get a call asking if there's anything you "need" from the grocery store.

Dune Entertainment / Via

As if you aren't spoiled enough, your parents still think you "need" things other than what they already give you. Could they get any sweeter?

::whispers, "Can you get me Dunkaroos?" into the phone::

5. There are just so many things that your mom does better than you, and she'll likely do things for you out of frustration of watching you try too hard.

Feeling inadequate is okay when it's compared to your momma. She is the queen of all things.

6. Your laundry is not something you have to worry about doing on weekends.

CBS / Via

"Laundry a la Mom," the best laundromat in town.

7. You can actually contribute to your own savings account.

Red Granite Pictures / Via

Living at home may sometimes seem shameful, but at least you're saving money for when you flee the nest and are forced to eat ramen noodles out of a mug to afford life.

8. Even if you're single, you get taken out to dinner and don't have to pay.

1492 Pictures / Via

Your parents will probably let you order anything off the menu. That's better than a date anyway.

9. If you run out of shampoo, you can use your roomies' without them yelling at you about the price of shampoo.

Screen Gems / Via

Toiletries in your parent's house = mostly fair game.

Toiletries in an apartment with your friends = the Cornucopia at the Hunger Games.

10. Parents are so much easier to lie to than your friends.

New Line Cinema / Via

Though no one wants to admit to their guilt, it's much easier to lie to parents about where you are. Friends need only check your Instagram and you're caught.

11. Your mom is better at coddling you during rough times than a friend.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Sometimes you just need a little bit (read: a lot) of love, then your friends come in handy later when all you want is tequila shots.

12. Parents are really good at reminding you to go to the dentist and get your hair cut.

FOX / Via

And if you're lucky, they'll just make appointments and tell you where to be and when. Simples.

13. You'll always know if you need a jacket or an umbrella before leaving the house.

FOX / Via

Without even watching the weather, parents just know this stuff.

14. Your parents will try to protect you, even when you're well into your twenties (or thirties). (Or forever).

Summit Entertainment / Via

Those parental instincts just never seem to fade.

15. When bills come every month, they have your mom or dad's name on them.

1492 Pictures / Via

Free cable, free heat, free water, free everything. Praise be!

16. While your friends complain about trying to find websites to watch past-aired television, you're snuggled up with your remote and the DVR you don't pay for.

FOX / Via

Hours and hours of television and no risk of a computer virus or illegal activity. #winning.

17. Parents will give you ego boosts whenever you need them.

ABC / Via

Friends will not congratulate you for buying new socks, because they just don't care. (Which is probably fair).

18. Your parents will come in and kill a bug for you if you're screaming at 2 a.m. Friends will not.

20th Century Fox / Via

When you're alone, or with non-parental roomies, screaming "MOOOOOOOM" won't work.

19. Your parents are much more useful when you get sick.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Instead of avoiding you like the plague, your parents will probably drive you to the doctor, pay your co-pay while you're dying in the waiting room, and make sure that you're alright at home and drinking lots of fluids.

20. You get to wake up Saturday morning to the smell of a delicious breakfast cooking, rather than stale beer.

Nickelodeon / Via

Who's hungry?

21. You don't have to deal with groups of your roommates' friends coming over at all hours of the night.

TLC / Via

You get a good night's sleep knowing that you're probably the most disruptive thing in the house.

22. Parents provide hours of endless entertainment.

Universal Studios / Via

Though sometimes embarrassing, parents are pretty hilarious.

23. Eventually you'll be moved out and will miss your parents, so you get quality family time.

The CW / Via

You're going to move out someday (hopefully), so taking advantage of family moments while you can is something that you will never regret.

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