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27 Themed Tattoo Sleeves That Are Basically Works Of Art

The canvas = your arm.

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1. This scientific coffee tattoo is perfect for any coffee addict.

It's also the perfect example of how to halfway commit to a sleeve instead of taking the full plunge.

3. Planes, trains, and automobiles were this guy's jam.

Maps, boats, a compass, oh my!


4. Displaying a work of art on your body so that you and others can stare at it all the time* is probably the coolest idea ever.

*Without paying a museum fee.

7. And this one brings the galaxy back down to Earth by combining the two.

Ooooh, colorssss.


9. This Harry Potter fan got some ~unbreakable~ ink.

Accio tattoo artist to my arm!

10. This geometric illusion could keep your eyes occupied for days.

Caution: nausea ensues upon staring too long.


12. This sleeve took tribal to the next level.

And by that we mean epic school notebook doodles were permanently etched into skin.

14. Bonus points to this sleeve for cute animals found in nature.

And food. Anytime food can be incorporated is a plus, even if it's just berries.

15. This piece brought out the colorful side of nature.

These birds and thoughtful woman make for an incredible and vibrant sleeve.


18. No need to send out the Bat-Signal, just call this guy.

Da na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na BATMANNNNN (is forever on his arm).

19. This ink proves that there's no longer a reason to buy Lisa Frank folders when you can just have all of the designs on your arm.


22. These instruments are coming to life through this sleeve.

We can almost hear the guitar strumming.


24. This sleeve is the pirate's booty of the tattoo world.

W-ARRR-NING: having pirates tattooed on your body will most likely not make you a pirate. Engage in pirate activity responsibly.

26. The force is strong with this tat.

Star Wars ink is a prime example of taking your geek pride to the next level.

27. Watercolor tattoo = masterpiece.

When in doubt, add wispy color to your arm and it will probably look like something super duper fancy.