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27 Themed Tattoo Sleeves That Are Basically Works Of Art

The canvas = your arm.

1. This scientific coffee tattoo is perfect for any coffee addict.

2. If you love to travel, consider documenting where you've been or where you want to go like this guy did.

3. Planes, trains, and automobiles were this guy's jam.

4. Displaying a work of art on your body so that you and others can stare at it all the time* is probably the coolest idea ever.

5. This tat with the works of Banksy is a seriously cool tri-color tribute.

6. This galaxy sleeve is out of this world.

7. And this one brings the galaxy back down to Earth by combining the two.

8. An ode to a favorite work of literature is both nerdy and amazing.

9. This Harry Potter fan got some ~unbreakable~ ink.

10. This geometric illusion could keep your eyes occupied for days.

11. This BAMF is actually* the Terminator.

12. This sleeve took tribal to the next level.

13. This grayscale piece capturing the essence of the great outdoors is both tranquil and beautiful.

14. Bonus points to this sleeve for cute animals found in nature.

15. This piece brought out the colorful side of nature.

16. This guy delved into the vast, unknown waters of the Earth.

17. This woman made her arm an elaborate and ferocious dragon.

After enduring 23 sittings in a about year, this arm lit'rally looks like a real dragon.

18. No need to send out the Bat-Signal, just call this guy.

19. This ink proves that there's no longer a reason to buy Lisa Frank folders when you can just have all of the designs on your arm.

20. By combining a bunch of different skateboarding elements, this guy created a shrine to his favorite hobby.

21. This sleeve of 80s classic music hits was a rad way of displaying favorite tunes on her sleeve.

22. These instruments are coming to life through this sleeve.

23. The only thing that was missing was a piano, which this guy has covered.

24. This sleeve is the pirate's booty of the tattoo world.

25. This mish mosh of overlapping text and diagrams is confusing, delightful, and ironically simple.

26. The force is strong with this tat.

27. Watercolor tattoo = masterpiece.

Take one of these clever sleeves and get inspired to take the plunge yourself!