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33 Products Every iPhone Addict Will Want


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16. A universal bike mount to improve your ride.

With this one-touch bike mount you can take your phone along for the ride to help you with directions (we won't tell anyone you don't know where you're going), listen to some tunes (One Direction, probably), or keep in touch with your fellow riders (who have somehow turned super-human and are miles in front of you on the trail).

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


23. A case with a built-in bottle opener.

Being stuck without a bottle opener is quite possibly one of the most frustrating predicaments of all time. Save yourself the agony and carry your opener with your phone, because you know you always have that on hand.

Get them here.

26. A case to wrap up your wires like a taquito.

Keep your cords and headphones tangle-free and tucked away with this wrap organizer that looks like a leather burrito. Stylish enough to walk around with by itself and compact enough to slip into another bag.

Get it from Amazon for $25.

27. A cordless charger that's with you always.

For the avid traveller who needs to plug in wherever possible, or the overly forgetful person who is forever losing charging cables, this case helps you ditch the cables and plug right in.

Get it from Hammacher Schlemmer for $69.95.

29. A colorful Bluetooth speaker to play your tunes wherever you please. / Via

Play some tuneage from your iPhone all day every day in a stylish way with one of these portable Bluetooth speakers. Take it to parties, put it in the bathroom for shower karaoke time, or make your coworkers' days better with a Beyonce sing-a-long at the office.

Get it from Amazon for $129.

31. A Bluetooth-enabled lock for your house that opens at your touch.

This deadbolt lock will wirelessly lock and unlock with the touch of a finger while your phone is within signal. Send an "e-key" to family and friends that are visiting, and all they need to get into your home is their phone. ~Cool~.

Get it from Amazon $149.99.

Make any pair of headphones Bluetooth-compatible with this little guy that can go with you everywhere. Use your phone without the long headphone wire sticking out of it, and have buttons to change your music or end your phone call literally at your fingertips. Bonus: the Smartbean will clip onto almost anything for hands-free optimization.

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