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19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014

If you walked into a tattoo parlor this year, you probably got one of these designs permanently etched into your skin.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. World Map Outline

Ha Nam Mun / Via

Show it off to the world! Ha.

2. Arrows

April Chapman /

Sometimes you have to be pulled backwards to be propelled forward even farther, just like an arrow.

Alessia Santoro / Instagram: @alessiamariee

When you break up with the person you got matching anniversary date tattoos with, no one has to know. You just look fancy as hell with your Times New Roman date.

4. Glyphs

Jamie Beshaw / Inflicting Ink Tattoo, Portsmouth RI /
Kelsea Hill /

Such a beautifully simple way to convey your beliefs, strengths, and personality.

5. Hummingbirds

Felix Schafer /
Blind Faith Tattoo /
Nate Bond / Via

Hummingbird tattoos are said to be a symbol of happiness and love.

6. Coordinates

Ritz Clyde Chye /

Typography + coordinates of a special place = beautiful tattoo.

A coordinate tattoo can also be a permanent solution to forgetting where you left your keys.

7. The Intricate Infinity

Kaycie Vernor / Via

Combinations of some of the most popular tattoos around.

No doubt that these are encouraging words to remind you that you can get through any hard time, but it's hard not to think of this phrase as a gallstone reference as well.

9. Diamond Outlines

Micah Riot / / Via

To spruce up any tattoo, add watercolors.

If you don't have a real diamond, might as well tat one on.

10. "Believe"

Ariel Duchesne / Via

Believing in something comes in many forms, from believing in yourself to believing in magic. That, or you just love J.Biebs.

Use EKG readings to keep loved ones' heartbeats always with you.

12. City Skylines

Like this one that includes multiple cities.

13. Hashtags

Caitlin O'Fannen / Via

14. Finger Tattoos

Rose Bud Doetsch / Via

A perfectly dainty way to get small ink that still stands out.

15. Paw Prints

Siobhan Gallagher / Via

The perfect tribute for animal lovers everywhere, or a way to represent your furry best friend forever.

17. ...and Feathers That Turn Into Birds

Feather tattoos symbolize freedom and fight, and the birds add an additional element, also symbolizing freedom.

Puppy approved ::thumbs up::

19. Constellations

An intricate yet simple way to show off your love of astronomy, or your personal star sign that you actually believe means something.

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