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    19 Three-Legged Pets Who Prove That Nothing Can Stop Them

    Missing a leg won't stop these pets from living their best lives.

    This is my dog, Sadie.

    As my boyfriend and I were looking for a dog at the local shelter, we passed by Sadie's kennel and didn't notice she was missing a leg at first from the way she was lying down

    1. Luna

    2. Amarillo and Lucy

    3. Bear

    4. Cassidy Brigh

    5. Peggles

    6. Cash

    7. Willy

    8. Chicken

    9. Trip

    10. Brandi

    11. Suni

    12. Arlo

    13. Ginger

    14. Thomas

    15. Clyde

    16. Sunshine

    17. Max

    18. Alice and Elwood

    19. And last but never least, Champion

    And that concludes our list of these amazing tripawds