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    19 Three-Legged Pets Who Prove That Nothing Can Stop Them

    Missing a leg won't stop these pets from living their best lives.

    This is my dog, Sadie.

    @3_pawed_sadie / Via Instagram: @3_pawed_sadie

    My boyfriend and I adopted Sadie about a month after her amputation. She was rescued by a vet's office after she had chewed off her right rear leg. They weren't quite sure why she did this, but she was in a yard with other dogs and pretty emaciated, so they think it might have been an act of survival. With her missing leg and a large scar on her neck left behind from an embedded collar, it was very clear that she wasn't taken care of properly. Luckily, she found her way into the perfect forever home.

    As my boyfriend and I were looking for a dog at the local shelter, we passed by Sadie's kennel and didn't notice she was missing a leg at first from the way she was lying down

    1. Luna

    @lunathetripod / Via Instagram: @lunathetripod

    Luna was found on the side of the road in Tampa, FL, with a severely broken leg. She was taken in by a rescue that supported her through her amputation. Weeks later, she was adopted by her forever family. Luna has been a loving family member ever since and constantly reminds them to never give up.

    2. Amarillo and Lucy

    @rescuedbydogs / Via Instagram: @rescuedbydogs

    These two pups' amputations were both caused by motor accidents. Amarillo (on the left) was found limping in the streets of the Dominican Republic with his right paw almost detached after being run over by what they think was a motorcycle. Shortly after, vets rescued him and amputated the paw. Lucy (on the right) was also a stray, living in Mexico, where she was found with an injured rear leg and many broken teeth from trying to eat rocks because she was so hungry. Fortunately, both Amarillo and Lucy are now happily living with their blind fur brother, Teddy, and sister, Annie, who were also adopted from rescues. They love chasing each other and won't let their missing limbs stop them from joining in on the fun!

    3. Bear

    @bearthethreeleggeddog / Via Instagram: @bearthethreeleggeddog

    After being thrown off a cliff in Romania as a puppy, Bear was found by a woman who helped him recover from his injuries. The injuries resulted in his right front leg being amputated. Bear also has a permanent twitch which makes him look like he has constant hiccups. That's never stopped him though! He loves running around with his brother, Charlie, and human mom and sister.

    4. Cassidy Brigh

    @cassidy_brigh / Via Instagram: @cassidy_brigh

    Brigh was in critical need of a foster home after sustaining severe injuries. They were so extensive that his front leg and scapula needed to be removed. However, through all of this, he remained happy and the bounciest dog alive. He was so wonderful, in fact, that his foster dad couldn't give him up! Now he lives with his forever family and bountiful collection of toys!

    5. Peggles

    @pegglesthetripod / Via Instagram: @pegglesthetripod

    Peggles ran away from her former home and was found outside of a Starbucks, hiding in a bush with no leg. No one knows for sure what happened, but the remaining part of her leg was amputated. Now, she's spoiled as can be in her forever home with her wild brother! Every now and then, she can be found pondering where exactly her leg went.

    6. Cash

    @tripawd_cash / Via Instagram: @tripawd_cash

    This retired racing greyhound may have lost his leg to osteosarcoma, but he was a real champion off the racetrack, too! Sure, he may have needed some extra motivation to climb the stairs, but we hear that he was a real snuggle bug and loved taking his mom's spot in bed (although he claimed he was just keeping it warm until morning). Sadly, Cash passed away last August due to complication with cancer. He was such a good boy and helped support research by being a clinical trial participant. It's safe to say he's won first place in the race to our hearts!

    7. Willy

    @willy_the_tripawd / Via Instagram: @willy_the_tripawd

    Willy was born with a "different" leg that needed to be amputated. He was originally in a high-kill shelter in Tennessee but was luckily rescued the day he was scheduled to be euthanized and brought to a rescue in Pittsburgh. It's there he had his leg amputated and had an awesome foster mom who helped him recover. Willy was soon adopted by a newlywed couple and — we're happy to report — is now living his best life.

    8. Chicken

    @chickenthetripawd / Via Instagram: @chickenthetripawd

    Chicken was found roaming the streets of Colorado with a broken leg that was believed to have been caused by a car collision some time before she was rescued. It had never been properly treated, so after multiple attempts to fix the leg, the rescue decided the best course of treatment was to amputate. Once adopted, Chicken continued jumping in front of cars (thankfully there were no collisions) to protect her forever mom, earning her the name Chicken. Now, Chicken avoids cars and is also training to be a service dog now that she's more stable on three legs!

    9. Trip

    @tripthedog / Via Instagram: @tripthedog

    Trip was found by a taxi driver in Singapore when he was just three months old, missing a leg. That was almost 10 years ago, and he's since adapted to the tripawd life and is now a master of high fives.

    10. Brandi

    11. Suni

    12. Arlo

    @adventureswitharlo / Via Instagram: @adventureswith.arlo

    Arlo was a puppy when he was hit by a truck outside of his house. He thought it was time to play with his mom and didn't see the truck coming towards him. The skin on his paw was pulled away and the injuries were too extensive to fix. His mom says that "you would never know he was missing a leg." Arlo's favorite hobby is outrunning all of his four-legged friends. His family is grateful he still gets to live the best life he can.

    13. Ginger

    @gingerthehuskypup / Via Instagram: @gingerthehuskypup

    One day when Ginger slipped out of her collar and ran out into the street, her rear legs were ran over by car. They almost lost both legs but were able to have one of them reconstructed and saved. Unfortunately, that meant she needed one amputated. She had to learn how to walk all over again on her reconstructed leg. Over time, she was able to regain her strength and walk again. It's been almost two years, and Ginger continues to do great!

    14. Thomas

    @wobblythomas / Via Instagram: @wobblythomas

    In May 2017, Thomas was hit by a car outside of a hospital. He wasn't wearing a collar, and his microchip didn't have information about his current home. The local SPCA took him in and amputated his leg. An amazing foster home took care of him and helped him through the healing process. He remained in foster care until August 2018 because no one wanted to adopt him until then. But how could anyone resist that tummy?! Now, Thomas — if a bit wobbly — is a spoiled cat with his forever parents.

    15. Clyde

    @clyde_the_tripawd / Via Instagram: @clyde_the_tripawd

    About a year ago, Clyde had a swollen knee and was diagnosed with a torn MCL. He went on anti-inflammatories and had a heavy duty wrap placed. The swelling went down but returned a few months later, and his joints became stiff. This time, the vet thought it was bone cancer. They took a biopsy and decided to amputate the leg. Since then, his scans have been clean! Clyde had some troubles figuring out how to navigate stairs as a new tripawd, but he's not back to chasing tennis balls and squirrels at the park!

    16. Sunshine

    @sunnytheyellowdog / Via Instagram: @sunnytheyellowdog

    Sunny lost her leg to cancer. A year after the amputation, her cancer returned. This time it was in her bladder and stronger than the first time. Sunny crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017, but her memory lives on. Her Instagram page is currently run by her furry siblings, Violet and Sirius, who continue to remember the amazing Sunshine! We think heaven just got a little bit sunnier!

    17. Max

    @tripod_max / Via Instagram: @tripod_max

    Max was hit by a car a few years ago before she found her home. This hasn't slowed her down. She still loves hiking and floating in a canoe and can easily keep up with her four-legged siblings! Max looks like quite the adventurer, doesn't she?

    18. Alice and Elwood

    @aliceandelwood / Via Instagram: @

    Okay, so #18 on this list might be a two-for-one deal! Alice (pictured on the right) was born on a farm right before winter and managed to survive the harsh weather with her siblings. When she was three months old, her leg was caught in some equipment and mangled. The farmer let her walk around with a mangled paw for about a month before she was taken in by a humane society. The vet said that it was so bad, she was technically walking around on the middle part of her bone. The vet amputated her leg but left her with a little nub that she loves to still use to play with toys or clean up after herself in the litter box. Elwood (on the left) was rescued two years after Alice from a different humane society. He was malnourished and running around an industrial yard with a rotting injury. While on the operating table, Elwood was considered dead and turned blue, but the vets worked extremely hard to bring him back to life. He was scared at first in his new home, but he's now a healthy cat who loves playing with his tripawd sister!

    19. And last but never least, Champion

    @threelegged_pup / Via Instagram: @threelegged_pup

    Champion was picked up as a stray with a wire wrapped around the leg, cutting deep to the bone. After the doctors decided to remove the leg, he took to his new three-legged life super quick and was zooming around in no time. A month later, he was put up for adoption and was quickly snatched up by his forever parents! His mom had a three-legged lab as a kid, so she knew Champion was meant to be in her life. Now, he's living with his grumpy cat sister while eating lots of peanut butter and ice cubes! How's that for a happy ending?

    And that concludes our list of these amazing tripawds


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