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Right Attendance Control Can Save You Money

How small and medium business companies can save and earn money using a time and attendance solution.

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This is one topic where the small and medium business have the possibility

to save and earn money easily, however, most of the companies fail to succeed; not because it is hard to achieve, but the lack of knowledge or attention in this matter, prevent companies from achieving this goal.

I'm talking about time and attendance and employee time management.

The attendance control is a primary factor for any business, even for small shops of 1 or more employees. Until not long ago, time clocks and attendance solutions were used only on big companies or corporations due to the complexity involved in the integration process. These companies are able to install cumbersome time clocks, wiring installations, access cards printing and the installation of even more complex software that are able to download the data transactions from the time clocks in order to analyze and print the correct attendance calculations.

Frequently, small and medium business were satisfied by the use of traditional timesheets that were filled out manually by the employees. This incurred on a logical money loss as a direct outcome for the business.

Web-based Time Clock, Emplotime

As time passed by, small time clock equipment (hardware), generally Chinese products appeared in the market and they were sold together with magnetic or proximity cards. These products, were unable to provide a comprehensive solution for the small business, because of the lack of sophisticated software that provided correct reporting that included, overtime hours, break deduction, etc.

Nowadays, there is a vast number of web-based solutions, where the only thing needed is to access the internet.

Without getting into the specifics of the software, it basically gives the employee, the possibility to clock in and out from the office through a web time clock (see image above), while the administrator (boss, shop owner, hr person, supervisor, etc) collects this information and prints the needed timekeeping reports.

These web-based applications have a monthly or yearly fee. Up until recently, these services were expensive, but now, the competition is huge, and you can find this type of software on a real inexpensive price.

Without getting into details, the time clock system that offers the least expensive cost is called Emplotime.

You generally can check out these applications for free.

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