23 Impossibly Cool Watches Every Man Will Want

I always feel like, somebody’s watchin’ me.

1. Paper Watch

$15. Draw a quirky robot or the Starry Night, your options are endless.

2. Happy Hour Time Pieces

$79.99 - $149.99. This suits you if you are an avid beer drinker or if you want to meet new people at happy hour.

3. The Time Traveler Watch by Mr. Jones Watches

$205. Be all over the world at once with this dial on your wrist.

4. Timeless by Oliver Lehtonen & Timothy Yin

$51. Don’t be restricted with this timeless piece because time is just a construct of human perception.

5. Kisai Stencil by Tokyoflash Japan

$149. This watch is not cryptic, you’re just reading time in negative space. It’s 04:08 (above).

6. The Turntable Watch by Flud Watches

$80. Get your groove on and go back to the ’80s with this accessory.

7. Carpenter All-Wood Watch by Lorenzo Buffa

$150. If you jinx yourself you can now knock on wood regardless of your setting.

8. Cyclops Summer Nights by Mr. Jones Watches

$185. Perfect dial for when you can’t really tell time and you have to say, “It’s, you know, about a quarter to five…”

9. Kisai Seven LED Watch by TokyoFlash Japan

$139. If you are a Tron fan you must own this futuristic wristband.

10. Silver Saturn Watch by Ziiiro

$245. If you don’t want something too crazy and you’re looking for a sleek, fancy watch, this is it.

11. Chestnut Watch by I Love Ugly Watches

$99. Be a trendsetter and show the world that ugly is the new pretty.

12. 3012 Series Watch by HYGGE

$230. You’ll have everyone wondering how you’re always on time with this simple, yet complex dial.

13. Kisai Blade LED Watch by Tokyoflash Japan

$169. This propeller-like piece will help you become the pilot you aspire to be.

14. Kisai Spider Acetate White LCD Watch

$149. Live like you’re the star of the newest Sci-Fi blockbuster and create the illusion of time floating on you wrist with this watch.

15. Terra-Time

$145. Inspired by topography, this cratered design is ideal for those fascinated with landscapes and contour lines.

16. Love Watch Temporary Tattoo

$5. This is meant for those who only have time for love.

17. Time Machine Sports Edition Automatic by ANDROID Watches

$300. Impress people with your steampunk-meets-modern blade dial, which glows in the dark and spins with the movement of your hand.

18. Transfer Case Unobtainium Strap Watch by Oakley

$525. You can survive the zombie apocalypse with this heavy duty watch.

19. Wooden Murf Watch by Nixon

$380. If you need a combination of modern and vintage, this watch makes the perfect fit to go with any style.

20. Brass Crossover Watch by Projects Watches

$140. This golden time piece, inspired by the game Pick Up Stix, will make you feel and look fancy, but you already know.

21. DM Gauge Blades Automatic by ANDROID Watches

$300. If you need to make a statement get this bold automatic watch and let everyone know you like them big.

22. P1/3 Watch by SevenFriday

$1,400. Although this is a bit pricy, this luxurious time piece is guaranteed to turn heads at special events.

23. Galaxy Gear by Samsung

$199. These gadgets are ideal for all the technology geeks wanting to synchronize their phone to their watch.

You’ll be looking like a model and all.

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“On the cover of a magazine. Vogue!”

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