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    Gubernatorial Candidate & Recall Activist Charged

    Profitization of California’s Judicial System Out of Control

    Nickolas Wildstar Enjoys a laugh with his son, Chancellor
    Nickolas Wildstar Enjoys a laugh with his son, Chancellor

    (Fresno,Ca) Gubernatorial candidate, criminal justice activist, and prominent Recall Newsom Organizer, Nickolas Wildstar was found guilty on Friday, February 19th for contempt of court for recording his own court proceedings. Wildstar appeared in court on 2 separate occasions in September of 2018 for traffic citations which were ultimately dismissed. As he spoke to the judge on his case he recorded the exchange using his cell phone which he was told was not allowed in the courtroom, a rule subject to each judge's discretion. Each time he did this the situation escalated to where he was quickly escorted out of the building by officers. Wildstar made the videos public on his YouTube channel and they went viral.

    Nearly a year later, Wildstar was arrested during a traffic stop in Santa Cruz after it was discovered that charges of contempt of court had resulted from his September cases. He then appeared in court, days before Christmas of 2019, to dispute the legality of these charges. The judge denied Wildstar the ability to dispute the charges; choosing to instead have him detained on the spot for contempt of court. Wildstar posted bail the following week just in time to celebrate his son’s first New Year holiday.

    The right to record one's own court proceedings has been obscured by ambiguous rules designed to protect the system at any cost to the citizen. While a court does record hearings and makes these available; access to transcripts can cost hundreds of dollars and in some cases, like in traffic court, no official record is even made. What started out as a case of racial profiling has now costed one father thousands of dollars in fines, hundreds in out of pocket expenses, loss of work, and time away from his family. The profitization of California’s judicial system and its hyper focus on victimless crimes is one of the core motivations of Wildstars running for public office.

    For more information on the campaign to elect Nickolas Wildstar


    Or contact Campaign Communications Director Michael Plumhoff (410) 596-4938

    Nickolas Wildstar For Governor 2022

    Nickolas Wildstar is an American politician and political activist, 2014 Independent candidate and 2018 Libertarian candidate for Governor of California.

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