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Effect Of Tablets Usage On Kids: Curse Or A Blessing

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Effect of Tablets Usage on Kids: Curse or a Blessing

As a 90s kid, we grew up to watching VHS tapes, favourite shows, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and occupying ourselves in a bit of this and a bit of that. Then came the millennials and everything changed. They woke up to advanced technology and before anyone knew they had tablets and smartphones in their palms. They were kicking ass with browsing the web, instant messaging, emailing, and playing computer games.

Since the traditional getting-in-touch game changed for the most of us. With WhatsApp and Messenger apps, mobile/carrier service providers got taken aback. No one resorted to texting or calling unless there was no Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data communication around. Although, it’s not over for them but things are taking a drastic turn

School going kids are often seen engaged in their tabs (short for tablets) for studying instead of reading books. It is like libraries are going to go empty and the books will be there merely occupying book shelves, courtesy Kindle app. Point being, the influence on kids and adults alike is substantial.

This obsession can be mapped to adults’ heavy reliance on tablets in homes. They watch news, cooking videos, read and play games on their smart devices. Why then are children getting blamed? It’s not that they can go out on their own and purchase it without money. The parents, therefore, should keep themselves in check if they want their children to follow the lead. Usually, when adults are not around, the tablets and/or smart devices end up in kids’ hands and the foundation is laid as a result.

There is no proof that these devices are causing harm to children but regulated use of tablets should be exercised. Young children may be exposed to latest in technology, however, it should also be emphasised that their motor skills are being developed in the process. It could mean clapping hands, buttoning and unbuttoning, building a tower with a certain number of blocks etc. so that these children have the ability to navigate their surroundings instead of just focusing on the blue screen of tablets.

In a study, it was revealed that positive effects outweighed the negative ones when it came to tablet usage in children. These children operate on a greater intelligence level. With educational apps or other healthy activity apps at our disposal, they are being nurtured and an aptitude for technology is being inculcated which is the skill of tomorrow.

In addition, tablets and other such devices ensure that the learning is carried out in a fun manner. By way of utilising tablets in an efficient way, which means keeping tabs on what your children are watching or reading on a tablet, it can appeal to their cognitive abilities. With Skype and other technologies, making friends online in your adolescent age is crucial to children’s growth and in turn, improves communication.

In short, there may be harms but parents should limit time of interaction with the tablet, employ parental controls for safety and allow them media which is appropriate for their viewing, ensure that children are engaged in reading EBooks, or are exploring learning apps such as Khan Academy for gaining extra set of skills and the likes thereof to make their experience worthwhile.

Tablets for Kids

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