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11 Fall Accessories For Everyone Who Only Wears Black

Black. It's the anti-color that can be as chic, elegant, edgy, or trendy as you want it to be. Find your fave accessories in your fave color this fall at Aldo.

1. If you work hard but party harder.

Turn up on a weeknight with your little black dress paired with these velvet high-heeled sandals with sexy corset-inspired straps.

2. If you love lengthening the legs.

You won't need to obsess over the details of your outfit when these show-stopping over-the-knee boots are part of it. The sock-like upper shaft contours to fit your legs, creating one sexy statement.

3. If you keep it classy 24/7.

A spunky patched satchel is the ultimate statement piece for a low-key outfit that feels as effortless as a rock star's swagger.

4. If you're sporty yet sleek.

Athleisure-prone fashionistas will love these lightweight street sneakers with nonstop cushioning and cool stud detailing.

5. If you're preppy but not into pastels.

Who says the preppy vibe has to include nautical prints and bright colors? Embrace your love of neat, classic fashion with a work-to-weekend loafer with brushed gold hardware.

6. If you like your vision how you like your wardrobe: dark.

You already know that any outfit looks 10 times more polished when it's all black, so the perfect pair of statement sunglasses with a structured, slight cat-eye can transform any outfit into a bona fide lewk.

7. If you don't walk — you strut.

Knit stiletto booties are the versatile staple for everybody who already knows they're fierce, thank you. Wear these with colorful tights for a playful statement.

8. If you don't need to be colorful to be fun.

Statement socks are not only super in summer — they are also awesome transitional staples for when the weather starts cooling down. Wear these mesh polka-dot ankle socks with sandals or pumps like a real influencer.

9. If you're tough as nails.

Black is the perfect color for embracing your rebellious side, and these military-inspired ankle boots that evoke English punk vibes are the perfect pair to pull it off.

10. If you're trendy yet minimalist.

Minimalism based around dark or muted colors is very in this fall, which makes these sequin slip-on sneakers the perfect component for trendy streetwear-inspired style.

11. If you're just classically fashionable.

Some accessories are classics for a reason: They are timeless, versatile, and lend an air of style to any look. This structured handbag with light gold hardware is one of those classics.

Images courtesy of Aldo

No matter how you choose to wear the color you love best, Aldo has your signature style.