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11 Fall Accessories For Everyone Who Only Wears Black

Black. It's the anti-color that can be as chic, elegant, edgy, or trendy as you want it to be. Find your fave accessories in your fave color this fall at Aldo.

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2. If you love lengthening the legs.

You won't need to obsess over the details of your outfit when these show-stopping over-the-knee boots are part of it. The sock-like upper shaft contours to fit your legs, creating one sexy statement.

6. If you like your vision how you like your wardrobe: dark.

You already know that any outfit looks 10 times more polished when it's all black, so the perfect pair of statement sunglasses with a structured, slight cat-eye can transform any outfit into a bona fide lewk.

8. If you don't need to be colorful to be fun.

Statement socks are not only super in summer — they are also awesome transitional staples for when the weather starts cooling down. Wear these mesh polka-dot ankle socks with sandals or pumps like a real influencer.

Images courtesy of Aldo

No matter how you choose to wear the color you love best, Aldo has your signature style.