Here Are The 12 Things I'm Definitely Leaving Behind In My 30s

    If you're on the verge of a quarter-life crisis, here are my suggestions for how to prioritize yourself.

    1. Getting in trouble

    2. Allowing anyone to hate on me

    3. Anyone I'm sure that I don’t like

    4. Being nice by default

    (4.5) Forced politeness

    5. Pans that aren’t non stick

    6. Watery coffee

    7. Side hustles (or any kind of hustle)

    8. Men. 🙃

    9. Doing things I don’t want to do

    10. Letting things that bother me go unsaid

    11. Boring weeknights because work

    12. Finally, your expectations

    What did you decide to leave behind in your 30s? Let us know in the comments!