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    No, I Don't Think You Understand How Freakin' Talented Simone Biles Is So Here Are Just 8 Times She Blew My Mind

    Simone Biles and physics: an unexplainable phenomenon.

    Diving right in with this insane combination of flips happening mid-air at an altitude higher than most domestic flights.

    NBC / Via

    I have been on Boeing 757s that flew lower than this.

    This wild display that I personally believe contains very subtle hints of shade.

    FIG Gymnastics / Via

    The way she gave the haters that "talk to the hand" at the end SENT me!

    I’m saying, like, how far down is the surface from which this majestic leap originated?

    Nike / Via

    She is levitataing but also in a split?? Someone please explain this.

    This dismount that became known in the gymnastics world as the “I have no f**king clue who, what, when, where, why, she did that but she DID THAT”***!

    NBC / Via

    **according to multiple gymnastic journals...look it up.


    NBC / Via

    😦😧(shocked with and without eyebrows)

    Very impressive and naturally talented but ridiculously hardworking and disciplined flex, but okay.

    NBC / Via

    I don't even think this GIF is sped up.

    When you do no-handed flips and land flawlessly on a balance beam that’s essentially as thick as a bread stick

    NBC / Via

    Is this where the saying, "Look ma, no hands" comes from?? Can she trademark that?

    This…this isn’t even gymnastics...

    Nike / Via

    But like…look at her hoist her 99.999% straight muscle body up that rope.

    “Impressive, right?” - 🐐

    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit / Via
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